Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Colour Freedom Metallic Glory Graphite Grey Hair Dye Review

Superdrug: £7.99
It's been so long that even my hair has turned grey~ I apologise guys, I literally have no time to blog nowadays from working two jobs T__T I'm not sure why but I seem to gravitate towards grey hair when I've got no idea what colour to go next - literally my third time being grey. When I first went grey it was so difficult to find a box dye that had the colour already made for you, but now that there is, going grey had never been easier. In the past I used to use Nirvel's grey dye but I've had to move my stuff out and so I don't have it with me anymore. I couldn't decide whether to go for graphite or stone grey, but I went for the former in the end due to stone grey looking like it's almost black on the box.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

LEADERS INSOLUTION Aquaringer Skin Clinc Black Mask Review

Another sheet mask review because I've just been using them so much recently. I've started working and god I'm basically so tired everyday. When you're physically tired and don't get enough rest, it shows up on your face. I already look tired without makeup (yes I go bare faced to work lol), don't want to scare any more people away so I pamper myself almost every other night to make me look more alive.

I've always heard good things about Leaders' sheet masks and a lot of YouTubers seem to highly recommend the aquaringer one but I know the Mela-Tox one is very popular too. My main concern isn't brightening atm but hydration is the main problem so I picked up these instead. There were like the normal aquaringer and the black mask one. At first I didn't really know the difference, but since they both looked really similar and the sales lady recommended this one saying that it's more moisturising, I just went with it.

It contains fresh glacier water from The Alps; known to provide intense moisture. This mask is mainly for hydration purposes but the charcoal element in this mask helps to smooth out pores and clarify the skin texture. Free of mineral oil, alcohol, paraben and artificial colours also.

Monday, 25 July 2016

MUJI Sensitive Skin Sheet Mask Review

Yes I've changed my blog name and URL and I hope you guys like it~ I changed it because I was getting bored of my old one and tbh my old one was a random one I made up on the spot based on my veryyyy old username for Tumblr LOL >.<

Anyway, MUJI is known for their aesthetic afffff products with minimalistic designs and colours but still made with high quality (their pens are to die for, my whole pencil case is full of them). Their skincare range has been released for quite some time now but just like how PokemonGo took ages to hit the UK, I didn't get to try this until ages T__T. It is split into "sensitive skin" and "high moisture" which I think is a bit stupid because what are all the oily girls gonna do to combat their oils huh??? 

The sensitive skin range is targeted towards skin that is prone to irritation and dryness as well as those looking for products high in water content. Natural moisturising agents are used such as grapefruit seed extract and purslane. It is also paraben, mineral oil, dyes, and alcohol free. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

[ SUMMER SKINCARE ROUTINE 2016 ] - Combination Dehydrated Skin

Heck, having combo and dehydrated skin is probably the worst combination ever, like as if combination skin type on its own isn't already annoying to deal with. My skin gets dehydrated from time to time and it's usually nothing too major and goes away quite quickly but it's just a very annoying condition to deal with T__T This is just what works well for my skin currently so that it becomes brightened again and a lot less sensitive. I prefer keeping my routine simple especially when it's dehydrated because of the sensitivity. This means eliminating things that work for my pores because it seems to be too harsh atm :(

Thursday, 14 July 2016



This is probably one of the biggest hauls I've done for lip products, but they're collated from a few months >.< But anyway, nude lips have always been a nice colour to wear for a more natural and subtle look. However I never really looked much into them because idk, I was just more of a pink or red lip kind of girl and also because nudes are just a pain in the ass to find one that suits my skin tone. But I've decided to buy into the trend and went on a hunt for my perfect nude lip. There are some products in here that aren't lipsticks and not nude, but I wanted to include them anyway.