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This is probably one of the biggest hauls I've done for lip products, but they're collated from a few months >.< But anyway, nude lips have always been a nice colour to wear for a more natural and subtle look. However I never really looked much into them because idk, I was just more of a pink or red lip kind of girl and also because nudes are just a pain in the ass to find one that suits my skin tone. But I've decided to buy into the trend and went on a hunt for my perfect nude lip. There are some products in here that aren't lipsticks and not nude, but I wanted to include them anyway.


I sorted these out by brand so it's more organised. MAC products first since I bought the most from here. These are all matte products with two of them being their bestsellers.

Forever impressed by MAC and their names for their lipsticks. Is it just me or you feel some type of way when the products you use have a pretty name? >.<

Velvet Teddy
A popular fave and bestseller; I remember when it first came out it was out of stock in all the MAC stores near me and online T__T Described by MAC as a "deep-tone beige" but to me the lipstick looks more of a reddish brown.

Men Love Mystery
Definitely farrrrrr from being nude but I just couldn't pass up on this nice sensual shade of purple <3 Just like nudes, purple is also another colour that I find difficult to select according to the skin complexion. This "lavender violet" matches my current hair colour so well but I still find it hard to match my eye makeup. I usually have heavier eye makeup and this would just be too overwhelming to the eye. What I find though is that if I mix this with a pink or brown, it can actually be wearable for a more natural look ^^

Yasss give me some spice, my love for spicy food is like my love for Pikachu and that's a lot of love :P This isn't a lipstick but I find that sometimes when you can't find the shade you want in lipstick form, lip liners are always a good alternative. MAC calls this "pink cinnamon" but I think it would be better to call it just "cinnamon" as I don't see any pink elements in this when I swatch it. It would make a great lip liner matching most reddish brown nudes :)

LOL this brings back funny memories when I was looking for this xD Because I already own a mauve lipstick from ages ago, I wanted a lip liner to go with it as well and this seemed like the perfect shade. I actually fell in love with it the first time I swatched it :P


Nude Perfection
This is basically a dupe for velvet teddy as I found out when I got home which I'm kind of glad for, meaning when my lipstick runs out, I can just get this without breaking the bank. Not to mention, this is also more moisturising than the MAC one despite it being matte.

Not really nude but like I said I'm a pink kind of girl so I had to get this. This isn't matte but not exactly a buttery texture either; it's from their "colorsensational" collection so I assume its focus is on colour which this doesn't disappoint. It's a mauve pink with slight shimmer in but you can't tell when it's on the lips. With the little shimmer added in, it reflects the light and gives the appearance of healthier looking lips :)


302 Bois De Rose
Literal translation of "Rosewood" is a nude pink that looks more like my own lip colour but slightly more pink. It glides on smoothly, but just like any lip makeup it glides on a lot better with some moisture underneath.

374 Intense Plum
This looks very similar to the one I just mentioned but this is actually a deep red with hints of purple to match the many red lipsticks I have. There wasn't a specific reason to get this besides me wanting to clean up the edges of bold coloured lips.


01 Desert Sand
This is hands down the cheapest lipstick I've bought in my entire life, retailing at only 90p! This is a warmer orange brown which unfortunately doesn't suit me, but I can make it work by adding pink into it ^^

Lime Crime

The famous "makeup for unicorns" by Lime Crime and their popular "Cashmere" shade was just not something I could give up. I know a lot of people were iffy about LC because of the controversy they got involved in, but hey I'm just sold on their "greige" tone. This shit doesn't budge no matter how much you eat or drink, this baby sticks to your lips like glue <3 I find that despite its matte formula it's not drying at all. However this does wash you out when wearing it alone so make sure your eyes have some kind of colour or you'll look dull and dead lol >.< The doe foot applicator gives a more precise application as well.


The brownest of them all; butter is a cool toned brown that just as its name suggests, has a buttery texture and to me isn't as matte as other lipsticks are. Such a nice shade but I need to mix it with something else for it to be wearable for me. I'm still so happy that I can finally purchase NYX products in stores now, rather than having to purchasing them online >.<

Well this marks the end of my lipstick haul, you the real MVP if you read this till the end and I love you loads for doing that, like seriously <3 If you want me to review or give swatches for any of these, leave a comment and I'll get a post up about it soon ;)

What do you think of nude lipsticks? Don't like nude lips, what's your go to colour? Let me know in the comments ^^

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