K E L L Y . T H A I 

People either refer to me as Kelly or Kels so take your pick. Being half Chinese and Vietnamese, I can speak 5 languages - English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Teochew & Vietnamese. Currently studying Psychology in England. 

I'm immature most of the time doing weird things and laugh quite a lot but I can also sit down and have spontaneous conversations with you talking about anything. I dislike small talk and love talking to people with ambitions and aspirations. I don't know, these kind of people keep me intrigued >.< 

Interested in anime/dramas - lots of it.  I'm a big music listener, anywhere you see me alone which is most of the time, I've got headphones in. There's not a particular genre that I like, but kpop and anime openings are frequent listens. 

Personal style is black black black. My wardrobe is like 80% black, 10% white and 10% grey. Being a lover of graphic tees, expect to see quite a lot. I became more conscious about fashion and wanting to develop my own style since coming across Lookbook & Tumblr - most of my inspirations come from real life people.

I also change my hair colour a lot - currently purple ^^

*Combo Dehydrated Skin - subject to change depending on season, diet & stress

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