Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Colour Freedom Metallic Glory Graphite Grey Hair Dye Review

Superdrug: £7.99
It's been so long that even my hair has turned grey~ I apologise guys, I literally have no time to blog nowadays from working two jobs T__T I'm not sure why but I seem to gravitate towards grey hair when I've got no idea what colour to go next - literally my third time being grey. When I first went grey it was so difficult to find a box dye that had the colour already made for you, but now that there is, going grey had never been easier. In the past I used to use Nirvel's grey dye but I've had to move my stuff out and so I don't have it with me anymore. I couldn't decide whether to go for graphite or stone grey, but I went for the former in the end due to stone grey looking like it's almost black on the box.

Excuse my no makeup face, I literally just woke up when I took these pics >.< My hair lifted quite nicely, although there were still some brassy strands - nothing toner can't fix. 

I am so happy with the results! Totally true to its claims, my hair turned into a nice graphite grey. I'm not quite sure why the top of my head is darker though, probably because I applied it there first. Despite the damage my hair went through by bleaching, this dye did not further damage it and in fact actually help supply some nourishment to my hair with its shea butter and argan oil elements. It's a permanent dye as well so it won't wash out as quick, however it will still fade really quick so I should get the stone grey next time? Highly recommend to those who cba to mix their own grey dye and don't want to spend a lot of time and money at the salon.