Thursday, 31 December 2015

Mamonde Jasmine Honey Sleeping Mask Review

Happy New Year's Eve! This year sure flies by fast, we're already nearing 2016 any one prepared for the new year yet? :D

Sleeping masks are an effective way to replenish lost moisture and just to give your skin some loving. Also, it's a great option to take if you're lazy like me and cba to wash it off before you go to bed ^^ I've only ever tried the Laneige water sleeping pack prior to this so I will be comparing this to the popular product. There's also a rose honey one that's targeted for anti-wrinkle so I went for this one which is for brightening purposes.

Girls who love vanilla smelling things, you will LOVE this! I can't help but smell this so much every time I put it on :D It also has shape memory formulation; the product will go back to it's original form after you've used it, although not immediate. This hexagonal pudding-like product doesn't come with a spatula unfortunately, so I do recommend having something that you could scoop out of the jar with.

I'm not quite sure how to describe this, it's like a pudding / soft margarine texture? It melts quickly into the skin and spreads easily. If you've used the water sleeping pack before, you'd be able to tell that this is slightly thicker in terms of consistency and unlike the higher end product, this doesn't have a cooling effect on the face which I had hoped for.

The swatch I did for this review is actually a little too much product for my face, but I guess you could use the remaining as a hand cream. This doesn't feel sticky or leave any residue once absorbed, so rest assured that your pillow won't be covered with vanilla smelling cream haha :P This sure does keep the skin fully moisturised until morning when you're supposed to wash it off. Before washing it off you can already see that the face is a lot more plumped and brightened like as if you've had a full 8 hours of sleep! Even after washing it off the moisture is still retained in the skin so this is pretty long lasting. I'd recommend using this a night before any special occasion to give the skin a little boost, or if the skin has been suffering a lot from dehydration :)

So this keeps the moisture in, brightens your complexion and smells like vanilla, but how does it compare to the water sleeping pack? In my opinion I'd still go for the Laneige one despite it being pricier, simply because it's slightly thinner in terms of consistency and has a cooling sensation upon application. However, if you don't mind the cooling effects and consistency then I recommend this one as all the water sleeping pack does for me is force feed my skin a lot of water. In turn yes, it does give me brighter skin because it's hydrated, but with the boost of honey extracts within the Mamonde sleeping mask it helps deliver brightening and intensive hydration much more.

I also found that the Mamonde sleeping mask has great healing abilities! Due to the cleanser that I'm using I've been getting irritations and red patches on my skin causing those areas to be more sensitive. After applying this mask, it disappears the next morning proving it's effectiveness on soothing the skin, perfect for those with acne-prone or acne skin types ^^

What's your favourite sleeping mask to give that hydration boost and what are your plans for the new year? :D

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