Wednesday, 20 January 2016

SkinFood Peach Sake Emulsion Review

My exams have finally finished for this semester and I am free for a good week! Unfortunately after this week, I'll be drowning in work again T__T Hopefully during this week I'll be able to have some reviews and outfit posts scheduled so I'm not too inactive in the blogging world ;P

One of SkinFood's popular skincare line for people with large pores, the Peach Sake Emulsion claims to "eliminate shine from enlarged pores and excessive sebum production with finest sake and peach extracts". Basically, this is a pore refining product whilst keeping oils balanced.

First of all, I'm not sure if people are familiar with the term 'emulsion' in terms of skincare so I'll briefly explain. An emulsion is basically a light moisturiser / lotion, where people tend to use after toning their skin. Emulsions are often used by those with oily / combination skin types due to its lightweight texture and won't clog up the pores whilst locking in moisture. That's not to say other skin types won't benefit from emulsions as well. Personally, I think emulsions are a better option for the daytime especially if you apply makeup after as well - you don't want the skin to feel too heavy.

Whilst some people follow the cleanser -> toner -> emulsion -> serum -> cream routine, this doesn't mean you can't swap some steps around, some people like to use an emulsion after treatments as well so it's really up to you and what your skin likes. For reference, I use my emulsion as the last step in my daytime routine and second to last for night time. Keep in mind these are just the basic steps of the Asian skincare routine - 5 steps is already long I know >.<
The product comes in a matte glass bottle with a wood twist lid - really giving off the sake vibe. However, I'd rather it be a clear bottle so I know how much product I have left. Unfortunately, there's a stopper which you take off in order to empty the product out. Whilst this ensures no product leaks out the bottle, it's very troublesome every time you want to use it, which for me is daily -.- It's plastic and so breaks easily when you try to pull it out (mine's already half broken) and the fact that without nails this is almost impossible to pull out. The product doesn't come out easily either, the first time you use this you'd have to give it a few shakes before a drop comes out.

Suitable for all skin types but better suited for those with oily / combination skin. I use this after my essence in the mornings and after my serum in the evenings. I use about 2 and a half droplets to cover my whole face. This has quite a strong peach alcoholic smell that disappears shortly (actually reminds me of peach schnapps - great if you mix it with other stuff ^^).

This isn't like the typical western light moisturisers which claim to be light, but for me is still a little too heavy and greasy. With a milky consistency, this spreads across the face effortlessly, hydrating and smoothing out the skin. I am amazed at how quickly my skin absorbs all the goodness; leaving my skin nice and plump without the greasiness. Since using this, I've noticed my skin has become a lot softer to the touch as well as the face becoming more radiant due to hydration. The oiliness that I used to have in my T-zone area has been also more balanced. I believe this played a big part in my skin becoming more normal rather combination during autumn and winter.

Unfortunately, this did not reduce the size of my pores which was it's the main purpose so I'm quite disappointed. I do think the toner and serum of this skincare line are more popular as I've seen many reviews for them but not many for this. So if you are interested in this skincare line, I recommend you to replace the emulsion with something else and pick up either the toner or serum for better pore minimising effects ^__^

Final verdict: useless against minimising pores and have a strong fragrance but that dissipates within seconds, however, it is an affordable hydrating lightweight lotion that smooths out the skin and balance out the oils. Recommended as a general light moisturiser for all skin types, however, dry skin friends may want to add more moisture before or after this.

What are your favourite products to minimise pores or get rid of blackheads? 

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