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Schwarzkopf Live XXL Colour Pure Purple 86 Review

Long time no see and this is what happened - I dyed my hair once again. As previously mentioned I did say I was going to dye my hair a similar colour before I went blonde. The colour came out just as I wanted to, but this wasn't my concern as I knew for definite that the colour would come out right since my hair was bleached ^___^ 

Schwarzkopf LIVE XXL - Pure Purple #86

The procedure is the same - mix the developer with your colour cream and shake so that the mixture is fully mixed. Then just apply it onto your hair with gloves, or no gloves if you don't like them or just find it easier with your hands, but mind you, this will stain for a little while so you'll have bright red hands lol >.<
Hair before

The results the day after in indoor lighting. Indoors it looks like its red but you can still tell that the vibrancy is pretty obvious and that in the daylight it would obviously be brighter. 

This is what my hair looks like when it's in daylight. Here you can see that the pink and purple is more evident and does live up to the expectations of "maximum intensity and vibrancy". Of course, if your hair is dark then the outcome will obviously be a darker shade of purpley red. So if you're a person who likes to have darker shades then I recommend this hair colour ^__^

I can promise you that the colour isn't as neon pink as the picture above shows but for some reason when I uploaded these pictures, the colour changed. It is much brighter when the light is shining on the hair but not as bright as this. For better reference look at the photo before this one. Although if you do have platinum blonde hair and you use this dye, the neon pink effect should show up. Please excuse the messy ass hair as well because I just woke up when I took these lol >.<

As like most dyes, this contains ammonia so it will damage your hair slightly and will smell horrible but fortunately the smell is not deposited on your hair. I've use Schwarzkopf dyes for a few times now and they've never disappointed me, from their colour charts to the after treatment provided. My hair has always been saved by this dye no matter what I've done before it. 

I've heard a lot of people complain about their colour fading quick. What I'd usually say is that of course it would fade quicker than other colours as its red based and those who are familiar with hair dyes will know that red is one of the colours that fades the quickest so maintenance is usually quite difficult. So my tips on maintaining the optimum vibrancy and keep the colour from fading is to wash your hair with cold water - as cold as you can take it. Use dry shampoo instead of actually washing your hair every day if your hair gets greasy quick. I find that my hair starts to get greasy three days after I've washed my hair so when it does, I just use dry shampoo to make it less greasy and still having my colour for longer.

I can't stress enough how effective the after treatment is for my hair! It makes my hair so much softer and smoother and feels less damaged. My hair is already really damaged from the bleaching and hair stripping that I did to get the blonde, but the treatment of this completely saved it; if only it was sold separately.

I've started to note down my favourite colour dyes I've used for every colour I've had my hair of, so I know which one to go for the next time I want the same colour again. Although for now, I think I'll be keeping this colour for quite a while until I go red the next time. Maybe for summer I'll go back to red :D 

*WARNING: Your bath will look like you just murdered someone when you wash it out but then fades to a nice pink colour so its okay hehe ^__^ Mind you, for the first few times of washing your hair, do expect the water to have some colour as some dye is still being washed out but after a few times of washing your hair, it should be fine. 

  • Easy to use
  • After treatment makes hair less damaging, smell good, and shinier
  • Inexpensive - regular offer (2 for £6) 
  • Stays true to claims of maximum vibrancy (when you have blonde hair obviously)
  • Even coverage
  • Contains ammonia
Have you changed your hair colour recently? Let me know about your experience :)

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