Monday, 25 July 2016

MUJI Sensitive Skin Sheet Mask Review

Yes I've changed my blog name and URL and I hope you guys like it~ I changed it because I was getting bored of my old one and tbh my old one was a random one I made up on the spot based on my veryyyy old username for Tumblr LOL >.<

Anyway, MUJI is known for their aesthetic afffff products with minimalistic designs and colours but still made with high quality (their pens are to die for, my whole pencil case is full of them). Their skincare range has been released for quite some time now but just like how PokemonGo took ages to hit the UK, I didn't get to try this until ages T__T. It is split into "sensitive skin" and "high moisture" which I think is a bit stupid because what are all the oily girls gonna do to combat their oils huh??? 

The sensitive skin range is targeted towards skin that is prone to irritation and dryness as well as those looking for products high in water content. Natural moisturising agents are used such as grapefruit seed extract and purslane. It is also paraben, mineral oil, dyes, and alcohol free. 
The sheet masks come in a pack of 5 and doesn't have fancy packaging, they are also smaller than the korean sheet masks that I've used before. Unlike ones I've used in the past, these mask have cuts on the edges to better fit various face shapes, as well as having eye flaps to give you a full masking. Although the eye flap is a good idea for the eyes as well, it's actually very annoying when you're me and like to do other things whilst the skin drinks up the moisture. I find that it's also folded in a very awkward way, making it difficult to open up. Recently I've decided to cut away the upper lip part due to my lip condition - too scared to put anything there right now. But hey, I'm so happy that my upper lip is all better~ ^^

Let me tell you, this is soaking with essence~ Like it's even runnier than the Holika Holika Hyaluronic + bamboo mask >.< I like the fact that it contains a lot of essence, however dealing with product dripping everywhere is definitely not something I'd like. It doesn't fit my face properly as you can see and the chin part just split when I tried adjusting it T___T but I love how hydrated and soothing my face felt. It's plumping effect isn't as prominent as other masks but it's decent. Definitely not irritating and because of it's hydrating nature, it's especially good for dehydrated skin but any other skin types can use this as well. Definitely something I'd repurchase, however only when my skin is dehydrated, I find that during winter this wouldn't be enough moisture but then again, I can just use a more moisturising cream. 

Sheet masks are like my skin saviours rn and I've just been doing hauls and hauls of them because you know you can never have too many >.< 

What's your go to sheet mask when you need a quick pick me up? ^^