Skin type?
Generally I have combination skin leaning towards the drier side but recently it gets dehydrated very often due to season changes.

What clothing size are you?
For tops, I'm an UK Size 8. Jeans/shorts I'm a 8/10, if only there were a size 9 sighh. I believe european size would be 26? Dress size I'm a 8/10 depending on the type of dress.

Where do you buy most of your beauty products?
I usually purchase them from either Boots, Superdrug or Savers for western products. I mainly shop at Superdrug because I get student discounts and Savers because it's just so much cheaper than the previous two mentioned. However, for Korean products I usually go to BeautyNetKorea or eBay. I've bought from both of these places before and my items have been delivered to me safely and on time. Not to mention the free shipping that most online stores don't have. I used to buy from Cosmetic Love as well and they've been delivered to me fine.

What's your style?
Edgy grunge yet comfortable with bold graphical prints. I'm usually seen with lettered tees or graphic tees with some kind of cool print on, whether it's just a brand logo or the batman sign. I've been told that I'm quite hipster (idk what those means, if anyone knows let me know pls) or gothic. I do admit I have some gothic inspirations put into some of my outfits but my fashion sense isn't "goth". I'm not saying gothic is bad btw, I love the style I just don't pull it off haha :P

How often do you dye your hair?
It may seem very often that I dye my hair, which I do admit is true - I get bored of one colour too easily. I'd say I dye my hair every few months on average.

Photo Editing
All blog photos are unedited to deliver the true colours and textures to my lovelies ^^

Circle Lenses
I wear -0.00 (plano) lenses.

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