Wednesday, 10 August 2016

LEADERS INSOLUTION Aquaringer Skin Clinc Black Mask Review

Another sheet mask review because I've just been using them so much recently. I've started working and god I'm basically so tired everyday. When you're physically tired and don't get enough rest, it shows up on your face. I already look tired without makeup (yes I go bare faced to work lol), don't want to scare any more people away so I pamper myself almost every other night to make me look more alive.

I've always heard good things about Leaders' sheet masks and a lot of YouTubers seem to highly recommend the aquaringer one but I know the Mela-Tox one is very popular too. My main concern isn't brightening atm but hydration is the main problem so I picked up these instead. There were like the normal aquaringer and the black mask one. At first I didn't really know the difference, but since they both looked really similar and the sales lady recommended this one saying that it's more moisturising, I just went with it.

It contains fresh glacier water from The Alps; known to provide intense moisture. This mask is mainly for hydration purposes but the charcoal element in this mask helps to smooth out pores and clarify the skin texture. Free of mineral oil, alcohol, paraben and artificial colours also.

A little bit about my current skin condition; dull, dehydrated with some kind of rash. I'm currently working in a very hot environment and my skin has been developing little itchy red bumps, so whenever I've been working long shifts I use this sheet mask and OMG I AM IN LOVEEEEEE <3 I don't think I've ever been so in love with a sheet mask. This is the first time I ever tried any sheet mask that isn't white and tbh I was quite fascinated (yeah I'm easily fascinated lol) like literally who needs a Halloween costume when you can go out with this on your face haha :P

This is soakedddddd with serum, so much that even after a full 45 mins of masking there's still a lot left on the mask. The rest of the serum in the packet is enough to use for a week, day and night. I've been using this after my toner and essence but I find that this works best when the products before it isn't as thick.

The results are amazing, it replenishes lost moisture so well, after one use and this is no exaggeration btw, my dehydration felt a lot better - cheeks weren't feeling as tight and it soothed the sensitvity and redness that came with dehydration. The skin felt a lot smoother and firmer because of the quick surge of hydration. What I enjoyed was how this mask fit snugly to my face despite it being slightly big. The mask isn't supposed to do much for brightening the complexion, but because my skin is dull, the brightened effects were immediately visible. I noticed the bumps had also reduced by size, so although my face is far from being flawless, it's on its way to being normal again.

Honestly, if you have  dry skin  or some sort of moisture loss or need a bit of soothing, this is the perfect mask. A little bit pricier than brands like Etude House or Innisfree which are highly popular, but this really does not disappoint. I'd say that if you've got a little bit of money to spend, purchase these masks and you'd really see the difference.

What's your favourite sheet mask?