Sunday, 10 July 2016

LENSPOP SW4 Green Circle Lense Review


Yeah I'm absolutely bad when it comes to reviews for circle lenses or just posting in general tbh lol. I decided to go for green because my last green pair were a bit too dramatic for a natural look and in my opinion made me look scary. I mean I've been inspired by kpop idols (more specifically Taeyeon the Gooddess <3 ) when they wear green lenses so I want a pair that makes my eyes pop too, but my eyes are just so dark that it's difficult to find the right one T__T

DIA: 15mm
Graphic DIA: 14.8mm
BC: 8.6mm
Using Period: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
Manufacturer: VASSEN
Origin: Korea

DESIGN & COLOUR  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Classic design with streaks of blue and green with a very muted black ring which I actually prefer since it gives off a more natural look. I think the colours themselves go well together but doesn't blend so well with my natural eye colour but would look absolutely great on people who have naturally lighter coloured eyes. Unfortunately on my eyes it only looks nice in daylight, in the evenings they just look like my normal eye colour hence why I didn't bother even posting a photo of it at night.

COMFORT  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
I didn't feel any discomfort from these at all.

ENLARGEMENT  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
The enlargement is definitely bigger than the Bunny 4 Colour OG16 Violet  however because the outer ring wasn't as prominent, it actually doesn't look that much bigger. Thus because of this it makes it a good pair to wear if you still want to look natural but still want that pop of colour.

OVERALL  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Honestly, this is just meh. I like the colours but I just didn't like how it blended with my natural eye colour as well as the colour not showing in dimmer lighting. However like I already mentioned, people with a lighter eye colour than mine would probably like this more. It's definitely a more natural look than a dolly look so not really suitable for cosplaying. The enlargement is just right for your eyes to appear bigger but not so dramatic that you'll have people staring at you. In my opinion, you can't really see the colours that much even in photos.

LOL you can so tell this was from ages ago because my hair was blonde >.< Thanks for reading you beautiful lovelies, have a nice day~ ^^

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