Sunday, 29 May 2016

MIZON Miracle Wrapping Oil The Pure Argan Essential Wrapping Oil Review

Ebay: £10.86
I genuinely think my skin type is changing because my skin has been feeling sensitive, a lot more dry and it's not even one of those changing season things. I heard facial oils boosts moisture but I had always been skeptical about applying oils on my face in fear that I'll break out or just feel like I've got a whole load of grease on my face. I decided to give it a try anyway considering dryness is one of my current problems. MIZON is one of those brands that have a lot of products that people rave about yet are still decently priced, in fact whenever I'm on a budget and I'm in need of something say a cleanser, MIZON is my go to brand. Yeah I kind of destroyed the packaging because I'm a clumsy potato and somehow managed to do that >.<

It comes in a matte glass bottle with a pipette to extract the oil. The bottle is actually a lot smaller than what I expected it to be but I'd say my money is well spent with the effect it gave. I detest matte glass bottles to the moon and back, because I don't like how my fingerprints are all over the bottle; you don't even need to be greasy fingers just wet hands is enough to leave prints -.-

Majority of the oil is contains 99% argan oil and other plant oils such as olive, evening primrose, jojoba etc that have moisture retaining properties. Aromatic oils are also used to calm the mind as well, great for stressed out individuals. This is also artificial colouring, paraben, mineral and scent free. Just like aloe vera gel this has many uses; you can use it in place of your moisturiser or layer it on top (dependent on your skin type), hair mask, mixing with foundation for dry skin types and more. MIZON recommends 1 or 2 drops but tailor it to your own skin, I usually use about 3 to cover my whole face.

Although MIZON claims that this is "scent free" it still smells like something but I assume that that's just the natural smell of the aromatic oils that are known for relaxing the body. Idk how to explain the smell but it just smells like plants? This drips really easily even if I'm not squeezing the pipette so the packaging can be reconsidered. Obviously, it's going to feel greasy, but I find that the oil absrobs really well into the skin and quickly including the oil on my hands - bonus for hand cream as well ;P

In terms of effect, there's not much to say other than it's extremely nourishing and is a life saver for for those with extremely dry skin. It provides so much moisture that when you wash your face in the morning, you can feel that your skin is smoother like as if you chugged 2 litres of water right before you washed it. However, do expect your skin to look like you just melted butter on your face so I recommend to only use this at night or mix it with other things. Overall, apart from the annoying packaging and making me look like a grease ball, its an effective moisturiser that quickly and deeply nourishes the skin deep down. It's an oil, therefore oily skin people most likely won't benefit from this duh, but all you dry skin girlies should give this a try, it won't disappoint ^^

Do you use facial oils?