Tuesday, 24 May 2016

APRIL SKIN Magic Snow Cushion White Review - #22 Pink Beige

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If you're a makeup wearer you'll have definitely seen cushions everywhere on the market right now, be it in Asia or somewhere in Europe. I'm lazy so I like to have something that I can just slap on my face when I feel like wearing makeup that's quick, easy and don't require much blending. Unlike a lot of bloggers, I've only tried out 3 cushions so far (this is by far my favourite) and I'm planning to make more purchases as soon as this one runs out ;D 

I'm not sure if many of you have heard of the brand April Skin but they're pretty popular in Korea right now, and of course their Magic Snow Cushion and Magic Snow Cream being their bestsellers. Their selling point is the amount of coverage it provides as well as offering the flawless dewy skin that is in trend at the moment.

The chart above is very self-explanatory and is very helpful in choosing which one you should go for. They offer these in 3 shades; #21, #22 and #23. I opted for the white one because my skin is hella dry at the moment and the other cushions that I've got right now doesn't provide enough hydration, in fact they enhance the dry patches even more T__T I'm really digging this cushion though so I'll purchase the black one for summer as well closer to the time and maybe make a comparison post too? hehe ;D

I heard amazing reviews about the black one but not so much about the white one so I didn't know how to feel about it in all honesty. At the time of purchase I wasn't expecting amazing results like a lot of people were raving about, because tbh majority of these people don't even need a lot of coverage; their skin is pretty good to start off with anyway. So their idea of "good coverage" might not even be as good as they claim to be or so that's what I thought at the time anyway. 

First thing's first, check that it has the authenticity label on, because you know there are a lot of fakes out there. I bought this in the shade  #22 Pink Beige . Usually I'm #21 for Korean shades but because #21 is their lightest shade I decided to go for the middle one - just in case the lightest one is too light on me. This contains SPF50 and PA+++ so superb sun protection for you forgetful girlies :P

The packaging is the same as any cushion; what surprised me was the spongy bit of the product. Usually you'd see the sponge already filled with product but this didn't and you'd have to push down on it for the sponge to be covered with product. The sponge is curved instead of flat which I thought was pretty interesting and you can also get refills for this which is great, since you don't actually need another case or sponge.

Look at how much product there is! It already looked promising when I pushed down onto the sponge and this much came out. One puff was enough to cover more than half of my face (I have a pretty wide face too). Bare face coming up with my horrible lip condition atm, brace yourselves >.<

Lmao I look like an egg with my hair up, but I hate having my hair in my face when I'm doing my makeup and tbh who cares what they look like when applying makeup - only the results matter >.<

 COVERAGE  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
I have large pores, a lot of blackheads and slight redness across my cheeks with the odd pimple here and there - skin was good to me that day ^^. Cushions often provide light coverage and that's usually enough for me - I don't like it when I can feel the foundation on my face and in all honesty my skin isn't that problematic that I need a lot of coverage. In comparison to my other cushions (Lancôme & Etude House), this has a lot more coverage - I'd say medium coverage but it can be built up as well. I won't talk about my redness since it's so minimal that any foundation can cover it. Blackheads are a massive issue for me and although my skincare products have reduced them significantly, they're still pretty visible. From the close up, my blackheads are barely visible but you can still see some peaking through and I didn't fully cover my upper lip as you can see, because I had applied lip balm over the annoying dermatitis I have that still hasn't cleared.

 TEXTURE  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Definitely more of a liquid consistency but still a lot thicker than the typical cushion texture hence the high coverage. Obviously the black version will be even thicker for those looking for matte looks and even higher coverage. When applied this feels reallyyyyy sticky due to the added moisture, so I'd say powder the whole face even if you have dry skin because this transfers really easily and in summer this will just melt off your face - not recommended for those living in hot / humid climates.

 COLOUR  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
This shade, #22, has a  pink  undertone which admittedly is a little too light for me even though I'm usually #21 in Korean shades. I probably should've went for the #23 for a more yellow undertone, so if you have fair skin with pink undertones, this would probably be the better choice. Although, the shade doesn't bother me as much because when I've powdered my face it fits my skin tone a lot better. Another trick is to apply it lightly in smaller sections to the face and then blend it out, the finish would come out a lot more natural. Despite a thinner consistency I don't think it's as natural as they claim it to be considering the coverage is quite high.

 MOISTURE  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Not gonna lie, April Skin had really impressed me with the level of moisture packed in this, it gives the skin a brighter dewy look, producing an overall healthy complexion - you don't even need highlighter lol >.< This is probably the most moisturising foundation I've used with the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation to be second best. It's liquid consistency makes it feel light enough that it doesn't feel like you caked your face, but you'd still be able to feel it as a result of the stickiness it gives if that makes sense?

 OVERALL  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
A really good choice for dry, acne prone skin that provides both moisture and coverage necessary to give yourself a healthier looking complexion. I wouldn't recommend it for combination skin especially if you're on the oilier side because this would just feel really greasy. Application is always easy for cushions but I'd say if you had to pick either your powder or the cushion for touch ups, I'd say go for the powder to keep the stickiness at bay. In terms of colour shade, this leans more on the lighter side so you might have to pick the shade following what you originally are. This is definitely not my everyday go-to cushion but I have been using it a lot recently, not only to test it out for you guys but also to cover the dull-looking tired face granted by exams and assignments until I've managed to fix my skin T__T Great amount of coverage that manages to cover blemishes and redness. However, the coverage is slightly too much for my liking, but I guess I can always apply it in smaller sections and then blend it out. The stickiness of this product is a massive flaw but powdering on top shouldn't create too big of a deal ^^

RATING:  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif

What's your favourite cushion right now?