Thursday, 10 March 2016

Petitfée Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Gel Patch Review

I swear I am forever showing you guys my derpy sides like remember my Santa Claus Face? LOL >.< I have no idea why I'm poking my cheek either - awkward hand pose I guess haha :P

Idk if you guys remember but this was introduced when I had a massive Korean beauty haul. I bought this because I thought it would be useful in helping my tired eyes and dark circles. I've heard that hydrogel masks are better at retaining moisture so I was pretty excited to use this.

There are 60 pieces of these essence infused black / dark brown gel eye patches. A spatula comes with this as well which is always good because it prevents contamination; especially when you're applying this to the eye area which is the most sensitive part of the face. I only just found out as I am blogging this that the patch gets thinner as the essence is getting absorbed. Now that I think about it the patch really did get thinner after I take it off.

It contains black pearl that apparently contains over 20 different types of minerals and amino acids for "clean and beautiful skin without blemishes". Gold helps to brighten and refreshen the eye area.

I apply this after toning my skin whenever I've had a late night or if I have puffy eyes from drinking water before I go to sleep the night before. Take it off after 20-30 mins and your eyes instantly feel refreshed and like you've had a good night's sleep. This smells heavenly, it kind of smells fruity? Because most of the essence sits at the bottom of the tub, it's best if you turn it upside down prior to using them, just so the ones that you're using will be filled with essence too.

You can feel the cooling sensation straight away and is overall really relaxing for the eyes. Like I said the longer you leave it on, the thinner the patch gets, since the skin is absorbing all the goodness. When you take the patches off, there shouldn't be any residue left but if there is just pat it in. In all honesty I don't get blemishes under my eyes so idk whether it would work for that, although I don't think people get blemishes under their eyes do they? O.O This helps to de-puff the eyes as well as moisturise, but I still apply eye cream on top because the patch alone doesn't give enough moisture.

I like how the patch is huge and covers not only the eye area but the apples of the cheeks as well. This is perfect for me because I have some redness on my cheeks (the cause of it is unknown) and although my redness isn't caused by irritations or acne, it does benefit from the patch. However I think Petitfée should redesign the shape of these patches, because although this follows my eye shape pretty well, it might cause problems for other people. Hence, the full effects can't be experienced by those where this doesn't fit properly. I don't see any effects on my dark circles but I never expected it to anyway, however if your dark circles are caused by lack of sleep then this should help ^^ The price is reasonable for the number of patches you get, and because it's not used daily it will take a while before you run out. Overall, it works to soothe the eyes but I wouldn't repurchase. This is because I'd probably use green tea bags or cucumber slices which provides the same effect but is more cost effective.

Thanks for reading guys ^^