Friday, 4 March 2016

Basic Just Won't Do

My lips have gone back to its shitty condition where it's really sore, red and dry and the dryness is spreading beyond my lips sighhh... I actually don't know what to do with it, I've tried the obvious methods like drinking a lot of water (I do that anyway), using lip balm with SPF in it, not wearing any lipstick etc. It even hurts to eat and it's really just taken a toll on my self confidence. If you guys know any remedies or whatever, please comment and let me know pls T___T 

Anyway, back to the actual post. Just because you feel like shit doesn't mean you should jeopardise your outfit as well. I was off to uni and just didn't really know what to wear so I threw on the most basic thing ever (oh the irony LOL). I was only in for 2 hours so I wore something simple since I'm gonna get into my pjs as soon as I come back anyway. 

The lighting is making my face hella tanned and yup my roots aren't even roots anymore omg >.< Any top paired with a skater skirt will go well together, doesn't matter what top it is. This crop top is one of my current favourites to wear because it goes well with anything. The material is a little bit annoying in that it's very stretchy and thin, so a little pull would make it bigger. If you wear high waisted jeans it sits just a bit over the jeans - if you were to tuck it in, as soon as you sit down it'll come out again -.- 

It's still cold in the UK so I decided to bring out the rainmac to keep me warm and dry from the disgusting weather. I absolutely love the fact that the inside is a different colour, it really makes the outfit that slightly more edgy. Tbh I'm just in the mood for jackets recently, they can really help spice up an outfit if it's plain whilst keeping you from the cold as well. This is definitely a very casual outfit that looks good on anyone - perfect for those lazy days. As usual I stuck with my minimalistic colours, but you can find these skater skirts for very cheap in a variety of colours to suit your mood. For an edgier feel, I'd swap the skater for a leather skirt and put on a leather jacket instead matching it with some chunky boots. 

I also have a separate Instagram account now that is dedicated to OOTDs, because sometimes I feel really cute in my outfits and just never take any pictures of them. Having this would allow me to document it and give me ideas when I'm stuck for outfit ideas in the future ;P There's nothing on there atm but there will be within the next few days ^^ I will update you guys when I finally have some content :D Thanks for reading~

Outfit Details
Rainmac: Boohoo
Crop Top: H&M
Skater Skirt: H&M

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