Monday, 29 February 2016

Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser Review

Superdrug: £3.99

I like making reviews about moisturisers and cleansers because you can almost immediately tell whether they work on your skin. You don't have to wait for weeks to start seeing effects like serums and all the other stuff.  

Recently my skin has become a lot drier and a lot more sensitive and the cream that I was using just wasn't giving me enough hydration and actually irritated my skin slightly. I literally went ham buying creams whilst I was shopping one day (have enough supplies for the rest of the year LOL) >.< 

I've used Simple when I started to invest in skincare a few years ago and from my memory, it actually worked quite well with my skin at the time. I decided to repurchase this because it's made for people with sensitive skin so it shouldn't irritate my skin. It's also veryyyyy affordable so people on a tight budget will love it :D The only thing I was a little bit skeptical about was how moisturising it would actually be, since my skin type and condition has changed a lot since my pubescent days. Back then I purchased the light hydrating one as well which obviously is lighter and more suitable for those who have oily skin. 

I decided to buy the rich one because as I said earlier, my skin is really dry and I don't think using the light one would work on me anymore T__T

It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle, in Simple's clean green and white colour scheme; it gives off an eco-friendly vibe - reminds me of Innisfree tbh :P What I dislike about this packaging is that it makes it really difficult to control the amount of product that comes out, even a little squeeze would result in a lot of product. 

This does a pretty good job at moisturising my skin and keeping it supple during the day - much better than the CREAM that I was using prior to this. Considering it does a better job than a cream I'd say it's pretty good. I'm not sure how it measures up to other creams but in comparison to It's Skin's Prestige D'escargot Cream, this is 10x better (will be reviewed) ^^

Due to it's lotion consistency, it's very lightweight and absorbs into the skin very quickly without leaving any horrible sticky feeling. However, because it's lightweight it won't be enough hydration for the night even though it claims to work for 12 hours so I do recommend to use this for the morning instead. I'm probably gonna sound like I'm contradicting myself here, but despite it being lightweight it'd probably be too heavy for the summer, because it is richer in moisture compared to the light hydrating moisturiser (if that makes sense?). 

I knew this worked to replenish lost moisture when I realised that the flaking skin I had, vanished within a couple nights of use. It was horrible with the flaking skin, like my sunscreen would catch onto those bits and I'd have to rub them off my face eurrghhh >.< It made applying makeup really difficult too T___T

Overall, an all time favourite and I swear by Simple products for when my skin ever takes a toll on me again. They're effective, very affordable and is suitable for almost anyone ^__^

Thanks for reading my quick post and I hope you have a good day / afternoon / evening / night <3