Saturday, 21 May 2016

LENSPOP Bunny 4 Color OG16 Violet Review

Hello all my beautiful people! I've finally finished my second year at uni and I am so relieveddddddd ^^ Now that I've finished all my exams I can get back to blogging again and how coincidental is it that the day I come back from my mini hiatus, my 100th post will be up as well? >.< Again, like my other posts on circle lenses; although these are sponsored all my reviews are always 100% honest regardless.

So, I've tried grey, brown, blue and green lenses but I've yet to try purple and recently purple is like my new found love <3 I was slightly skeptical about how they'll turn out on me considering all the others are like normal coloured that at least 1 out of 7 billion people on earth will have, but you've never heard of anyone having natural purple eyes lol. I chose this one in particular because I really like the bunny color collection and it seems that the lighter the colour, the more likely it will show up on my eyes because my natural eyes are dark afffffff. 

Klenspop have gone and changed their packaging again and tbh I prefer their old one because it was just more eye catching, but in terms of convenience this is better since it's compact however tweezers weren't included. 

DIA: 14.5mm
Graphic DIA: 14.2mm
BC: 8.8mm
Using Period: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
Manufacturer: LENSPOP
Origin: Korea

Top - Bottom: Window, Flash & Natural Lighting

DESIGN & COLOUR  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEE the colour and the design on my eyes! They're actually my current fav to wear and it's not because it's purple, but rather the colours actually show up on my naturally dark eyes. I'm not sure where 4 colours came from because I seem to only see 3 (excluding the black outer ring), nevertheless the colour combinations really do blend well with my natural eye colour with specks of purple, pink and brown. Although it's an unnatural colour, it's still somewhat natural and doesn't appear too overwhelming to others. It also creates this fairy/unicorn vibe that I'm always up for because come on, who doesn't want to feel magical? :D Lastly this looks absolutely amazing under flash, great for those night outs to make them pop <3

COMFORT  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
These probably come second for the most uncomfortable pair of lenses that I own with the Tiara Brown lenses coming first. These felt really uncomfortable when I first put them in which was strange considering I've worn larger ones in diameter before, but my eyes felt fine after a while. This is going to contradict what I said but I wore these for about 6 hours straight without eye drops and they felt fine, so I guess they felt uncomfortable because my eyes were still adjusting to them. 

ENLARGEMENT  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
These do make a significant difference and is better suited for people who like the dolly eyed look. I wouldn't recommend you to wear these if you just started to wear lenses because they'd probably feel really irritating for you. I'm not usually a fan of super big lenses because they tend to make eyes feel tired and is just really too large for my liking overall. However, these make an exception; although these are quite big because the colours blend so well with my eyes, you can actually tell where the colour starts for the inner ring and where the pupil of my eyes are, and not like they're merged together? Idk if that made sense but check out the photos in my Ellen Panda Blue lenses to understand it better >.< I suck at explaining, I'm so sowwyyyyyyy T__T

OVERALL  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
My fav pair as of yet due to the vibrancy of the colours and that it's not so overwhelming that people just think you look weird. Well you'd get the odd stares considering your eyes aren't a natural colour but you get a lot of compliments as well. I like that there are multiple coloured streaks that blend into each other to create more dimension to the eyes and not one flat colour. Although it wasn't comfortable at first to have them in my eyes, once they adjusted it felt like they were my second pair of eyes. I wouldn't wear these daily because large sizes like these make my eyes tired after wearing them for ages, but for special occasions or just when you feel like looking extra nice that day would be perfect. These look great in photos as well but because it's purple, I find that experimentation with makeup is limited. It's best to stick to a similar colour palette or the neutrals, but nonetheless creating smokey looks should be no problem - great for parties. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope my face hasn't offended anyone with the amount of face shots I've uploaded haha >.< Oh, and I'm aware my brows are in dire need of fixing but exams make you forget to look like a decent human being okay? T__T 

Anyway, good luck to those still doing exams and for those who've finished for the year, what are your plans for summer? ^^