Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Face Shop Vitamin E Face Mist Review

Very quick post so I can get this out of the way and make others aware of this product - not many reviews about this. Apart from Korean beauty products my next go to place for skincare / body care is, of course, The Body Shop. I usually go towards the seaweed series for my skin because it's the most suitable for combination skin types, but recently my skin has become drier to the weather and so I decided to head to the more moisturising series - vitamin E. I wanted to pick up a face mist as a quick pick-me-up during the day and thought I'd get it because of its rosewater containing ingredient. Rosewater is great for calming the skin.

This claims to instantly refresh and give the skin some moisture boost, it could also be used as a setting spray for your makeup as well. To be honest, any face mist would make your more refreshed considering you're spraying liquid onto your face, so I thought it was needless and pointless to say that it's refreshing lol. What I was paying attention for was the amount of moisture this gave me after spraying it.

It smells like baby wipes which I don't mind but it can be very pungent when sprayed too near. The spray strength is quite strong like it just spritz onto your face and surprises you rather than a slow landing onto the skin if that makes any sense at all? My skin usually doesn't react to many products but for this it did. It started stinging on the apple of my cheeks and made my overall face feel sticky. The fact that even my face reacts to this suggests that it is not for all skin types like TBS claims. In fact, I even recommend sensitive lovelies to stay away. I don't like it when my face feels sticky so after one use I was already shoving it to one side, therefore, it's a waste of money really. Thank god my Innisfree Green Tea Mist is on its way~ ^^ I haven't used this to set my makeup because I usually don't find the need to so I'm not sure whether it's good for that purpose. It does refresh the skin but personally, that's what happens if you spray shit on your face, like you could dump a bucket of water on yourself and call that "refreshing". As for moisture, I find it's best to pat in the product after you spray it on to prevent it from evaporating and the difference is massive. Yes, it does give slightly more moisture but the negatives outweigh the positives way too much that I definitely won't repurchase it again.


  • Provides slight moisture
  • Stings face
  • Sticky
  • Expensive for 100ml
  • Spray strength too strong

Thanks for reading my short post and have a good day lovelies <3

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