Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream Review

It's winter and your skin is thirsty af so moisturisers are your best friend even more so than any other season. All the moisturisers that I've tried have always been so greasy and it just feels horrible. My skin doesn't suit rich creams because most often than not I will break out. I've heard so much rave about this product because of it's nourishing effects, but being the weird person that I am, I don't tend to buy into highly raved products until much later >.< There are also other versions of this cream; flower, aloe and super collagen I believe. I think the aloe one has soothing properties so better for sensitive / acne skin whereas the super collagen I assume is richer?
In the orange plastic tub contains the peach coloured product. It smells very fresh but it's not overwhelming. Its consistency is between a gel and cream; not too thick but not too light either so it's better for those with normal / dry / combination skin. Although I recommend only apply more on the cheek area for those with combination skin, since many layers may cause pimples on oilier areas. 

This spreads really easily and provides a cooling effect on the skin, unfortunately, this disappears after it has been fully absorbed. When applying it feels like a gel mask covering your face and feels slimy. 

I don't really have much to say for this besides that it moisturises really well, it's not heavy so you can put this on as a day cream. Since using this, my skin has felt less dry and softer. However, it's not rich enough to use as a night cream so I tend to use an emulsion before using this. It doesn't absorb as quick as other creams that I've used, but I find it best absorbs when you wrap your hands around the face. A little goes a long way, I usually use half the amount that I showed here and it's enough for the whole face plus a little extra left over for my hands as well. 

This is a fairly cheap product that works well to hydrate the skin. It doesn't leave a sticky residue or feel greasy on the skin but in the summer it might be slightly heavy so I recommend to use a lighter moisturiser during hot weather. 

What cream are you currently using for the dry winter month? :)