Sunday, 31 January 2016

LENSPOP Ellen Panda Blue Review


If you've seen my YouTube video or follow me on Instagram then you'll have noticed I'm wearing circle lenses that go with my new hair colour. If you haven't then watch the video here and follow me on Instagram ^^ Just like I mentioned in my most recent circle lens review, LENSPOP have changed their packaging and i'm in love with the Roy Lichtenstein feels of it~

Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Duration: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
Manufacturer: LENSPOP

I took a lot of photos that day so here you go haha :P I'm always so reluctant on having close ups of my face because everyone can see my imperfections but oh well, enjoy staring into my eyes~ ;)

DESIGN  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Nothing unusual or anything in particular that's worth mentioning about; it's just the standard streaky design with the black ring to create the illusion of bigger eyes. Although for these lenses, they're already pretty large so you'll look like you have even bigger eyes.

ENLARGEMENT photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Definitely made my eyes look huuuugeeeee! It really creates the dolly and innocent look, perfect for cosplays or people who like to wear big lenses in general. I'd say lolita and those who like to go for the kawaii style would benefit most from this. The enlargement of the eyes is very noticeable but it's still somewhat natural, any bigger and I think you'd start to creep some people out haha :P I like these lenses but they're a bit big for my liking, i'll probably wear these for like special occasions or if I've got somewhere to go.

COLOUR  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
There are various shades of blue in this that creates dimension to the eyes and make you look sort of magical and sort of becomes the attraction point when people look at you (obvs excluding the large size). Apart from the black ring, there's a gap of clear space between the outer ring and the actual colour. My natural eye colour is very dark so usually it's very difficult to find lenses that will show up on my eyes. The blue shows up a lot better than other colours I've tried before and tbh its probably my favourite pair of lenses at the moment ^^

COMFORT photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Due to it's large diameter, my eyes did feel slightly uncomfortable but the discomfort disappears after your eyes become accustomed to it. It's comfortable as in my eyes don't feel dry when I've got these in, however I'm able to feel these in my eyes and I don't like that.

OVERALL  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Great pair of lenses that is perfect for those who go for the cute dolly-look due to it's large diameter, the various shades of blue creates dimension to the eyes making it look bigger :) These are comfortable in that they don't dry the eyes but the fact that I can feel them in my eyes make me unlikely to wear them daily. Because of the large size as well, I feel like I look weird in them and so I'll probably only wear them for outfit photos or when I'm wearing makeup or something :P Apart from the size and being able to feel them in my eyes, I have no complaints. They look great in pictures both in natural daylight and under flash ^^