Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Lavender Hair - Cerise & Neon Blue Directions

It's been a long time since I've posted about my hair colour so here you are guys~ I totally feel like a unicorn and I'm actually so excited and happy about my hair (as you can tell in the video) :D LOL my eyes are bloody huge in these lenses (there'll be a review on these soon as well - killed two birds with one stone that day) ;P I need to emphasise that all my hair dyeing experiences are experiments, I'm not a professional so I can't guarantee that this would be the exact colour that comes out for you, but it should be close enough if your hair is fairly light :)

I knew colour would deposit on my hair fairly well because my hair has been bleached, but I wasn't sure how the colour would turn out as always - experimenting will come back to bite my butt one day I swear >.< Purple box dyes or ready made purple dyes were never the perfect shade of purple that I wanted so I thought I'll mix my own.

I already had a lot neon blue left over from when I dyed my hair grey, so I bought a pink dye to form a mixture. Why didn't you pick red some people may ask since red + blue = purple? Well I've already planned to dye my hair pink next, so having some pink on hand will save me buying a lot more than I need to for the next dye job ;P You can use red, pink is just more convenient for me.

Neon blue is a purple-based blue so if you do decide to use this neat it will obviously come out blue but when it fades, it won't fade to green - good for people who struggle to have perfectly toned hair after bleaching. Cerise is basically maroon. These dyes look very dark when you open it, but when you start mixing they're a lot lighter. Add in conditioner to lighten the dye, it's also a very useful method to reserve more dye for future dye jobs :) Directions are semi permanent and contain no harsh chemicals; although there is a recommended time for how long you should leave your dye in for, it honestly doesn't matter how long you leave it in. 

The following photos will show you guys my hair in various lighting~

Some people like to apply the dye over clean washed hair, I like to apply it the day after I've washed it. You can also apply it onto damp hair but I prefer dry so I can actually see what the colour roughly looks like, however a down side is that you will need more tubs of dye than if you were to put it over damp hair. My hair looks different depending on which lighting I'm in, honestly I prefer it when the purple is of a cooler tone because I feel like it suits me better, but I don't know, what do you guys think? This is actually my favourite hair colour of all time out of all the ones I've had - yes including grey as well >.< My hair was a light ash blonde before, so although you don't need your hair to be pale yellow in order to achieve this colour, it does need to be fairly light. 

Watch my first YouTube video (well, not really my first but you know what I mean :P ) dedicated to my new hair and let me know what videos you'd like me to do more of in the future ^__^ I have quite a few derpy moments in the video and it's still rather awkward speaking to the camera but hopefully I'll get used to it soon :D