Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Lady in Red

You can tell I've been making the most out of my outfit / hair / makeup that day hahaha :P I killed three birds with one stone in that one day that I could split them into 3 separate posts ;P To be honest, people always say how every girl needs to own at least one little black dress, but I think every girl should own a beautiful red dress too. It's shocking to see me in colour I know, even my cousin was asking why am I wearing colour when she first saw me in this haha :D 

The colour red suits almost anyone and can make you appear very feminine and elegant when paired with the right accessories / makeup. I don't know but when I wear dresses it makes me feel a lot more lady-like, not the casual dresses but the evening ones. In contrast to my own personality and style, I'm far from being a lady LOL! I actually bought this to wear for a date, but I also wanted to buy a dress in general because I barely have any >.< It honestly sucks to take outfit photos at home because the backdrop is so crap, but then when I go back to uni I don't have time to take them - see my dilemma? 

I've been in love with backless dresses for ages but haven't had the courage to wear it because I've always associated risqué outfits with mature and older women. I've finally plucked up the courage to wear one and damn I'm in loveeeee~ <3 This backless lace dress gives off the sophisticated feels so much, as well as expressing your inner lady charms. Lace is any girl's best friend, we all love lace from underwear to casual tops; as long as it has lace, we will stop to have a look :P I also love the halter neck as I think these suit my face shape a lot better than other types of necklines - down side of having a round face sighhhh T__T

The material is quite stretchy but fits snuggly to the body as well. The straps can be adjusted to better fit on your shoulder. I'm always a bit skeptical about purchasing dresses online especially ones that are slim fit because you never know how they'll fit on you. I went with my normal size as I'd rather it be slightly big than for it to be too tight. Unfortunately it did come out to be a bit loose around my waist, apart from that I'm absolutely loving the flower patterned lace ^^ There are two layers to this dress, with the under layer being a thick silk-like fabric that is very comfortable on the skin. I won't have many opportunities to wear this, but I'll enjoy every moment of it when I do ;D

Outfit Details
Dress: Boohoo

What's your opinion on backless dresses? Do you own one? ^^