Thursday, 7 January 2016

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid Review

If you've followed my blog for a while since it's become more active compared to when I first made it, you'll know that I suffer from a lot of blackheads. Like no, not a few blackheads you get, my nose looks like a strawberry literally. I've tried multiple products to counter my blackheads but most have either shown to be ineffective or break me out - one more thing to sort out ayyyy 

What is BHA?
From my knowledge correct me if I'm wrong, BHA's (Beta-hydroxy acid) are oil-soluble chemical exfoliants that help to smooth out the pores, and minimise blackheads as an alternative way to exfoliate the skin without the harshness you get from physical exfoliation. These are acidic that matches the skin's pH to help keep the texture of the skin smooth and polished to brighten up the complexion overall. BHA's work well with AHA's as well but you can use it on its own too and it can be just as effective. If there's no reason for you to use an AHA then I don't see the point in using it - save your money for other skin needs.

AHA's do roughly the same thing but are water-soluble and because this post is mainly about BHA, I won't go into detail for AHA.

This specific product claims to reduce blackheads and control sebum secretion as well hydration. I was really looking forward to using this as I read a lot of reviews about its amazing effectiveness against blackheads >.<

*NOTE: Please check the ingredients of this before using in case of allergies

When to use
After cleansing (as close to the bare skin as possible) and after your vitamin C serum if you use one. If you do use a serum containing vitamin C, wait for 20-30 minutes before applying the BHA so that the acids do not neutralise each other and make it ineffective. This is of a pH level of 4 if anyone wanted to know. Remember to incorporate this into your routine SLOWLY as you don't want to irritate your skin and create even more problems e.g. breakouts. Start with maybe 2-3 times a week, then 4-5 etc.

The product already started to run down before I could capture it >.< But as you can see it's consistency is just slightly thicker than water. I usually use just one pump for the whole face focusing mainly on my t-zone and places prone to breakouts or dry patches. Sometimes I'll go over some areas again with half a pump more, but usually, one is enough. I use this once daily since although it's a gentle exfoliator I still don't want to over exfoliate the face.

The packaging is fairly simple; just a plain matte plastic bottle with a pump and label stuck across the front. I'd recommend you not to throw the box away as that's where the useful information is - how to use it and cautions you need to be aware of. Again, what's on the box is only a guideline so you don't need to exactly follow everything that's on there :) Some people complain about the smell of this but it's not actually that bad; it's not pleasant but it's not exactly revolting either. It's barely noticeable and diminishes after you put it on your face. This glides on smoothly and you can immediately feel the difference in the texture of the skin - so much smoother! It did sting a little when I first started to use it which was expected and I did experience purging but that quickly went away within a few days of usage ^^

When this is applied, you can feel the chemical at work since I could feel some kind tightening sensation (?) which I like because you know it's doing something to the skin. That's not to say that if you don't feel this sensation it's not working for you; judge by the overall texture of the skin and the number of blackheads you have after a period of time (can't expect miracles overnight).

I've been using this for a month and a half now and I can definitely say it's reduced the number of blackheads I used to have which is fabulous! You know it's working when your friends tell you that you have fewer blackheads too ;D I also experienced fewer spots (not that I get many anyway) and have a smoother canvas overall. I've read that BHA's tend to dry out the skin. however, this didn't, and actually helped with keeping my skin moisturised as well. As for brightening, since I use a vitamin C serum alongside other brightening products as well, I can't really speak for that.

Unfortunately, I also suffer from closed comedones hat never seem to go away, but this helped smooth them out a lot too. However it doesn't completely eliminate them which makes me think that I might need to use an AHA together with this to start seeing those disappear T__T I've still got some blackheads mainly on my nose that needs getting rid of, but I'm glad that a lot of it has gone since using this ^__^ I'm not too sure about sebum control since my skin isn't oily but is more normal atm.

  • Reduces blackheads immensely
  • Doesn't dry out skin
  • Inexpensive in comparison to other BHA's
  • Reduces spots
  • Smooths out pores
  • Gentle exfoliation 
  • Only need a little bit to do the job
  • Will last for ages even if used daily
  • Instructions are in ENGLISH! :O
  • Doesn't eliminate closed comedones
  • May need to be used in conjunction with other products to see full effectiveness
  • Doesn't produce fast results so need to use regularly
Sorry for the extremely long post but I'm glad you made it to the end ^^
Have any of you used this product before? How does it work for you? :)