Sunday, 3 January 2016

LENSPOP Magic II Color Gray Review


Contrary to the recent lenspop reviews I've seen with the lime coloured boxes as new packaging, I thought it was strange when I received boxes similar to the old ones with just slight alterations. I absolutely love the pop art feels to this - totally reminds me of my art days at school~ I do miss art, I should get back into drawing some time >.< Plus, don't you think one of the girls look like Tiffany from Girls' Generation?? :O

Klenspop has kindly sent me some lenses again however, that won't affect my opinion on them :)

Diameter: 14mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.1mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
Manufacturer: M.I. CONTACT

Yayyy, let's all look at Kelly's flaws up close (no editing whatsoever) - them closed comedones tho, they annoy me sooooo much like they're not even spots so they should just gtfo my face! -.-

DESIGN  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Honestly, these look the exact same to the GEO Angel series, but they only last 6 months with a darker rim on the outside. The design is standard and not worth any particular mentions.

ENLARGEMENT  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
I don't see the difference, they look indifferent to my normal eye size and so will look very natural. If anything, they'll make your eyes look more even (?) like they'll look the same size. Due to uneven eyelids one eye, but with these, they help with that problem.

COLOUR  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Unlike what it shows on the lenspop website where the grey lenses have a purple hue to it, these are grey with blue hues. I usually have a lot of trouble finding lenses that have the colour show up on my eyes because my natural eye colour is so dark, but these actually show up a lot more than my other pair of grey lenses. The black rim gives the appearance of bigger eyes, but on me, it doesn't make much of a difference besides make me look more dolly-like.

COMFORT  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Not the most comfortable that I've had because it made me dizzy after a few hours for some reason which has never happened to me before but, all in all, they're good without drying out my eyes.

OVERALL  photo tumblr_inline_n0vrymT2nM1rxsw83_zpsxlcdexif.gif
Price wise it's cheaper to purchase this especially when there's free shipping from klenspop, super quick shipping to the UK and the design is exactly the same as the GEO Angel series! The only difference is its lifespan; these last 6 months whereas GEO's last a year. If you wear lenses a lot, then I'd say go for the GEO ones because they're better worth for money. However it won't make major enlargement to your eyes so I don't recommend to those who'd like bigger eyes, but if you like being natural but just something subtle and different, definitely check these out ^^ Unfortunately for me I experienced some dizziness with these, but I doubt that happens to everyone. Apart from that, it's generally quite comfortable to wear without drying out my eyes :) These look great in pictures especially in flash but they also look great in natural lighting as well. Hope you guys had a lovely new year ^^