Wednesday, 23 December 2015

SkinFood Lavender Tea Sea Salt Mask Foam Review

One of my readers asked me to review this so here you are~ ^^ 
I'm usually really careful with cleansers, not because I have sensitive skin but most cleansers that I've tried tend to be too drying and strip my natural face oils a bit too much. With a toner that is even more stripping following that as well definitely hurts my skin a little, however it's quite pricey hence why I've still continued to use it up considering it doesn't break me out. 

It's not uncommon for Korean products to have such long names, but sometimes their names can be quite misleading as well. You'd assume that this is a mask considering it has "mask" within the name but don't be fooled, this is more of an exfoliator / cleanser if anything >.< 

I can't remember the last time I've smelled Lavender but it does have some sort of floral-like scent. The salt granules are quite large; these melt the more you foam it up so this works as both a cleanser and exfoliator. If you want it to be less abrasive, rub it in your palms for longer before applying onto the face. 

I've yet to find the perfect cleanser but this comes close in that it helps to remove dirt and remove remaining makeup fairly well. Whilst cleaning out all the dirt and grime, it helps balance out your oils as well as keeping the moisture in. It doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry ^^

This removes majority of my face makeup (as a second cleanse) pretty well which is evident after wiping with toner; the cotton pad doesn't seem to have a lot of residue left over. Nevertheless there's still some dirt remaining on the cotton showing that the cleanser isn't completely effective in removing everything. I never expected that result anyway but it does a good enough job without making my skin feel tight. I believe if I used a cleansing brush or a cleansing oil instead of just micellar water, more makeup would be removed. 

Although it works great as a dual product, I'd prefer it if there weren't any beads in there because whilst some people enjoy exfoliating their face every day with a mild scrub, I feel like it's a bit too much for my skin. You can potentially over exfoliate and cause irritations to the skin. 

Overall it's a decent cleanser / exfoliator leaving my skin smooth and supple and removes makeup efficiently but I highly recommend a previous cleanser prior to using this to get the best effects. I dislike having to wait a few more minutes to make the cleanser less abrasive - I'm lazy and my night skincare routine already takes long so it would be better to not have to wait to clean my face. That's all that's bad about this tbh, otherwise it's great as a second cleanser, and smells good ^^

  • Removes majority of makeup - best used as a second cleanser though
  • Dual product 
  • Retains moisture of the skin
  • Smells good
  • Large beads
  • Not good for everyday 
Any recommendations for a good cleansing oil guys? :)