Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist 2015~

Birmingham, UK
I'm a bit late on creating a wishlist this year but I can't believe it's less than a week till Christmas! This year's Christmas will feel very different to last years, I can feel it already. I love all the lights going on during Christmas times like it truly makes everything look magical and definitely put you in the Christmas spirit~ Lights and anything sparkly will keep me amazed for ages because I get so fascinated and caught up in all the magical-ness that you'll never be able to see during summer or any other months >.<

I've changed quite a lot in what I invest money in in that I tend to buy things that will be good for me in the long term rather than something that I like and then impulse buy - I'm not the only one guilty right? >.< Let's get to the wishlist~

1) Clarisonic Aria or any other kind of good cleansing brush
I have a lot of blackheads and cleansing brushes are an effective way in reducing that by cleaning your skin better. I find using just my hands isn't enough and I've yet to own a brush like this.

2) iPod Classic
Not much to say besides I wan to just have a storage place for music so I can just bring it along on the go with me and save space on my phone. I'm not sure why but when it comes to Apple technology I tend to prefer silver rather than black (slightly ironic because my phone is rose gold atm lol) >.<

3) Olloclip 4 in 1 lens or any general phone multi-camera lens
I've been quite interested in photography recently due to the festive season and have been noticing quite a few architectural buildings where I live that I hadn't notice before. This would be perfect to take crisp pro-like photographs without carrying my camera around all the time ^^

4) Pacman Ghost Light
Saw this like months ago and thought it's absolutely amazing! I don't usually like sleeping with lights on but this would be nice as like a little room decor as well as magical lighting in my room :D

5) Water Dancing Droplet Speakers
I just need speakers but I saw these and thought they were bomb af so yeah speakers + cool design, what's not to like? ;P

6) Mighty mug
I am queen of clumsiness; I'm either knocking things over all the time or I injure myself unintentionally or losing my balance out of nowhere >.< Having this mug would be useful for cold months and having to go to morning lectures is a killer so a cup of hot chocolate would be nice ^^ Also it doesn't fall if you knock it - this is absolutely made for me!!

7) Makeup brushes
I just need more makeup brushes because the ones I have now are getting old and need replacing and because there are still a few brushes that I'd like to try out :)

8) More skincare products
If you're a skincare junkie like me, having more skincare products is always a good Christmas present :D It doesn't even need to be for Christmas, I'd be more than happy to receive these in any of the 365 days we got hehe ;P

9) Banggood Skull Mouth mask or any generic mask
Being in a first world country means more pollution in the air and that means more damage to the skin. I'd like to reduce the damage as much as I can because quite frankly the sun damage I have on my skin is high for my age group (damn you Kelly for not wearing sunscreen a few years back whilst being out in the sun! T___T). Of course, having a badass mouth mask would pull an outfit nice together too ;)

10) Nike Janoskis
I have been eyeing on these for so long~ I have an obsession with shoes, especially Vans or shoes that have a high sole - they're comfortable yet keeping you looking stylish. I hate how some shoes are just so expensive though like I'm literally just paying for the brand *rolls eyes*

So my wishlist ends there - just realised how most of them are practical things that I'd use pretty much every day haha :P What's on your wishlist for Christmas? Let me know in the comments or link me to your blog and I'll check it out ^^

Until next time~ :*