Friday, 6 November 2015

nspa REVIVING Eucalyptus & Salt Minerals Smoothing Sea Salt Scrub Review

ASDA: £4
So the scheduling didn't seem to go to plan and I do apologise but workload is stressing me out so much! I'm not sure if there's an ASDA in other countries but if you don't know, ASDA is big supermarket selling a wide variety of products, from fruit and veg to homeware.

Well if you read my empties post, you'll find out that I mentioned my ultimate favourite body scrub from TBS which you can read the mini review here. I've decided to explore and hunt for a cheaper alternative ever since using up the satsuma smelling scrub. I was in ASDA looking for some conditioner to mix my dyes in and I found this beauty.

Simple black and white plastic tub with a twisting lid. To some, the minimalistic look makes it seem natural and organic but for many including me seems cheap. The packaging could be considered more but for £4 I don't expect extravagant detailing anyway.

Pleasant refreshing smell of mangoes however it's subtle and doesn't linger as soon as you finish showering. It is very hygienic in that a separator is included so if you do somehow manage to drop this, it wouldn't go all over the lid. The actual product is of gel-like consistency and more runny as you get to the bottom of the tub.

The sea salt is very fine, however I find that even the slightest pressure will somehow irritate my skin. This only occurred on my upper arm and nowhere else therefore that area is either the most dry or most sensitive than anywhere else on my body.

By containing mango seed oil, this nourishes the skin and has long lasting effects even from the first use. My skin didn't even need to be dry to feel the moisturising effects of this scrub all thanks to the properties of mangoes.

As it claims, the sea salt gets rid of the dead skin cells effectively. This product does heat up slightly on your body but isn't something you should be that worried about since I haven't seen any abnormal reactions on my body so it's safe guys. However if you have sensitive skin, I'd still recommend to read the ingredients used to ensure you're not allergic :)

It does the job; exfoliates and moisturises my skin so I have no complaints. Unfortunately, I do wish there was more product as I used this up very quickly. That's all I can really say about this product really - it smells good, great exfoliator with fine grains of sea salt as well as immediate moisturising effects that lasts quite a while.

This will stay as a cheaper alternative to my body shop scrub because it still works but I find TBS's scrub not as harsh on my skin, so I'd still prefer that (anyone want to buy me a xmas present? ;P ).

I apologise for not being able to post, workload has totally piled up even though I'm up to date with everything sighhh. It never stops coming T__T So I'd probably scrap the schedule mentioned previously and try to post at least once a week, but I don't know how that's going to go =/

See you next time~ ^^

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