Friday, 13 November 2015

Secret Key Snow White Cream Review

YesStyle: £8.01
It's so easy to get dull skin and it's always a constant battle. Whilst getting fair skin is partly due to genetics, a lot of it is caused by your environment and your diet. Sometimes I am thankful for living in a cold climate because that means I'm less likely to get tanned, enlarged pores or spots. However, whilst I'm still quite pale for an asian, my face is still darker than the rest of my body due to having the most sun exposure. Hence why I'm constantly on the lookout for beauty products that would help brighten up my skin complexion.

I assume the company named it 'Snow White' to describe your complexion to be the "fairest of them all" like the traditional fairytale went. It's probably one of the few Korean beauty products that doesn't have a long name (thank god!)

It comes in a little matte plastic tub with a spatula which I like when products comes in tub forms as it's hygienic. This contains Niacinamide; a very common ingredient used in cosmetics for it's diverse benefits to the skin such as reducing hyper-pigmentation and anti-aging.

On the sides of the box, there's obviously the full ingredient description written in Korean so I thought there's no point in including it considering most of my readers won't be able to read it. Then there's a side that actually has English on telling you the claims of the product. I hate how the writing is so fancy to make up for the simplistic design of the product. The writing is readable, however it makes my eyes go a bit funny if I look at it for too long. *I'll quote the description below*

"Provides healthy complexion for dull or makeup-less skin for bright and luminous look. Applies lightly on skin without oily or sticky sensation, for soft and lustrous skin. Also, whitening agent Niacinamide suppresses the formation of melanin, for gorgeous skin tone. Soft moisture is delivered deep into the skin for energetic, resilient skin. In place of thick base makeup, just use Snow White Princess Cream for beautiful skin. It's an all-in-one makeup that needs no other. It will adhere closely to sebum to prevent oiliness, making the need for makeup retouching not as frequent. Also, it prevents pores from enlarging due to sebum, for baby-like skin. Natural amino acid moisturiser Betaine extracted from sugar beets provides suppleness and resilience to skin."

For hygienic purposes, this comes with a separator lid as well. First look into the tub and it looks hella thick but it is easily spreadable and not a lot of product is needed to cover the whole face. I've used this for a good few months now so let's break down the claims one by one shall we?

This smells like talcum powder, literally.

Whilst it does brighten your complexion to give you that luminous glow, I find that the effects were temporary and in fact changes your complexion instantly but once you wash your face, your former skin tone is still there. Therefore those with acne/acne scars shouldn't hope that this would help with that. Rather as a skincare item, I'd use this as a primer to prep your face ready for the makeup to be put on.

It doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky but greasiness hell yeah! Oily girls stay away from this product, it only brings out the oiliness more and if you ask me excessive shine with brighter skin or less shine and matte face with another product, I'd pick the latter. Within a couple of hours using this, it will make your face feel oily even if not a lot of product is applied. So the claim about preventing oiliness is utter bull because this definitely will make you makeup slip and slide if you have oily/combination skin. However for my dry skin friends, this packs in moisture to your thirsty skin so it's worth giving it a go as a night cream.

I haven't seen any effects on my pores, no enlarging no shrinking so not much to say about that but your pores will be clogged up if a lot of this product is used. This however does give you baby-like skin, in that after your cleansing routine, you can feel the soft and supple skin.

Not something I'd repurchase as the whole greasy feeling and look outweigh the pros. Unless you like the dewy look or have dry skin, I highly don't recommend. Apart from that I didn't suffer from any irritations or anything out the norm.

Rating: 2/5

Do you prefer dewy or matte looking skin or are you like me - semi-matte?