Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter Review

The Body Shop: £14
Just a quick post that I've had queuing up for ages in my drafts and currently one of my favourite body moisturisers.

Body Shop has long been one of my favourite shops to buy body stuff especially scrubs and moisturising products. Loyal customers of Body Shop will recognise that this is actually Body Shop's old packaging for their body butters, with the new ones looking a bit cheap too me due to it looking overly simple.

This is for people with normal/dry skin which I have. I tend to get ones that are supposedly suitable for very dry skin to get the utmost moisture for my skin. Admittedly when I purchased this I didn't check whether it was suitable for my skin, but instead bought it because I liked the scent of it. I've only tried this and the mango scented one and I love both. I prefer the mango one since it's targeted towards those with very dry skin and provides slightly more moisture, but nevertheless the olive scented butter still gets the job done.

It is of a thick creamy texture, literally like butter with a nice mint green colour. I don't know what olives smell like, but this definitely smells pleasant and fresh with the fragrance being a lot more subtle than the mango. The smell does not linger for as long but it certainly still leaves your skin feel absolutely soft. Ladies, you will feel how much of a difference this makes after you shave you legs in the shower and put this on, compared to a normal body moisturiser! <3

The thickness of this formula creates a long lasting effect by protecting the skin from losing its moisture. I find that wearing tight fitted clothing locks in moisture best, so I tend to wear leggings or longer pyjama bottoms when I go to sleep. However, I wouldn't recommend this to be used during summer because it would be rather sticky and heavy on your skin. You're better off having a light moisturiser for summer and reach for this in colder months.

Whilst it nourishes and moisturises the skin well leaving it smooth and soft, I find it to still leave quite a greasy feel on the skin for a couple hours before it fully absorbs.

I hate how messy this can get, like if you drop it depending how strong of an impact it was, a lot of product can get onto the lid. It really bugs me when product get onto lids for some reason >.< Also, the fact that your hands will be quite greasy after applying this, having to close the lid is really annoying and may even deposit some of the grease onto it.

Being a little more of a pricey product just for moisturising, I'll probably still repurchase this but the mango scented one because nourishes the skin a little bit better than the olive one.

Have you tried any of The Body Shop's body butters or their products in general?