Monday, 12 October 2015

Sleek Makeup True Colour Matte Lipstick Review | #Vamp

Superdrug: £4.99
Autumn is approaching and I have been trying to hunt down darker colours to fit my moods during colder months. Finding the perfect red shade for me has always been so difficult since I'm never able to find the right one; looks fine at the store and then put it on at home and it becomes brighter than what I'd want it to be. I hate trying on testers at stores because it's not hygienic. 

Vamp as it's name suggests is a deep red matte lipstick that contains vitamin E to moisturise the lips. I tested it on my hand and it was such a nice colour, basically the perfect red shade that I've wanted for so long!

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Left; 1 Swatch | Right; 3 Swatches
The packaging fits the brand's name so well in its sleek matte oval compact shell. The size of this is  a tiny bit smaller than the average lipsticks I own so I assume there's less product - grams and ounces don't mean shit to me so yeahh :P 

I usually like to prep my lips by putting lip balm under my lipsticks, maybe give it a little scrub if there are too much dead skin. I've tried both ways; with and without lip balm just to tell you guys how it was. As expected the lipstick went on my lips better when it's moisturised. However despite it being better this way, it's not very pigmented and requires few more applications to appear more vibrant or it'd look like a lip tint or a nude lipstick. Even with 3 swatches it still wasn't dark enough, however the colour is buildable to your desired shade.

Without lip balm it's almost impossible to apply this. I've got many matte lipsticks before and they have worked fine even without lip balm, but this feels like you're tugging at your lips wayyyy too much. Containing vitamin E should've made it glide on slightly better and moisturise your lips but this doesn't do that at all. Definitely the worst matte lipstick I've tried even though I've tested out ones with similar pricing. I will continue to use this because I dislike buying products and never finish using them unless it irritates my skin.

Overall it's a fairly cheap lipstick, but is super drying on the lips even with lip balm underneath so I wouldn't recommend buying this even if it is cheap. I know my hair colour is totally different to the last post, and no I haven't dyed/bleached it again but I'm backtracking my posts lol >.<

What are your favourite lipsticks for a deep red colour?