Friday, 9 October 2015

OOTD #5 - I C E . W I T C H

Don't shoot me guys, I know it's been ages since I last posted so I'm extremely sowwyyyyy~ >.< I was preparing to move back to uni and even worse had no internet when I moved to uni for like a week and a half, hence why everything was on halt but I'm back and so are these posts ;) 

However I have started my second year at university, which means a lot more workload (already have an assignment due in for mid November T__T) so I've decided to have a regular schedule for when I'll submit a post. I will now post every Fridays, Mondays & Wednesdays. 

Also, I apologise to my fellow blogger friends for not being able to check out your amazing posts but I will do in the future :) 

Well, let's stop with the rambling and get on with the outfit post that I have for you guys. First day back at uni and obviously you want to look your best. I went for a dark edgy vibe without looking too overwhelming for a lecture lol >.< 

It's autumn, meaning sweater weather and I'm a sucker for sweaters in general, but I love love love oversized ones when it comes to colder months due to its comfortability and how versatile it can be. Oversized sweaters can be worn in different ways but I usually like to wear it as a dress to give it a more feminine feel. This was actually found in the mens section which is already supposed to be oversized for men, so you can really imagine how big this must be, especially when I got it in a large - men have the best sweaters I swear! 

I absolutely love this, specifically because of the black and white japanese text across the front and sleeves. I decided to dress it up a little by pairing it with a white blouse underneath and some fishnet tights. Also layering with a garter and mesh socks on top to fit the educational environment and not look like I put in too much effort. Although this is a large sweater, when you lift your arms up even just a little bit, you're at the risk of exposing your undies so I wore under shorts. To dress it down, the simple classic way is to just wear the sweater with jeans and some trainers for the complete girl-next-door look. 

Leg garters and body harnesses have been an obsession for as long as I can remember, it just spices up an outfit really well; making it sexy or just give it a bit of an edge. My body harness will be featured in future posts so that I can share my love for it with you guys ^__^ 

Can I just say that I'm loving the white walls in my room? It makes shooting photos much easier but I get the odd stares because my room is at the front of the house and I open my curtains for better lighting where everyone can literally see me >.< 

Sweater & Fedora: H&M 
Garter: Ebay

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a good day ^^

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