Wednesday, 2 September 2015

LUSH Butterball Ballistic Bath Bomb Review

LUSH: £2.65
LUSH bath bombs are one of their best selling products due to their luxurious relaxing scents and healthy skin benefits which a normal bath doesn't give. They're combined with various ingredients to ensure our skin's moisture is restored as well as calming our mind and body.

I picked up some of their bath bombs and a face mask when I went on a spontaneous trip to London with one of my best friends. I've never purchased bath bombs before due to not taking baths anymore but the aroma spreading miles away from the store is difficult to ignore and the word "best seller" on their website is also very convincing, so I gave in - my only incentive to take baths >.<

This one is much smaller than the rest that I bought and there's no fancy colour to it - LUSH logo print white ball with bits of yellow rocks. Going by the name of Butterball, I assumed the yellow rocks were the solidified butter.These bath bombs are extremely powdery so it can get a little bit messy.

Suitable for those with dry, sensitive and irritated skin. By containing cocoa butter, you can expect your skin to feel extremely hydrated and supple, combine this with ylang ylang oil and you put yourself in a relaxed state - perfect for de-stressing. I dislike cocoa butter scents so I was a bit iffy with this one but to my amazement, it does not smell like it at all. Instead, it smells like vanilla which I believe is due to adding the ylang ylang oil.

I didn't expect any awesome colour transformations because you know the thing is just white and throwing it into the bath confirmed that. It fizzes and melts very quickly so I barely managed to capture a picture as it's small size means it will dissipate much quicker too. The butter of course melted really quickly as well and many oil blobs are formed.

The aroma lingers around for a little while longer, however it's not strong. Before my skin fully dried after the bath, the oils made my skin feel extremely greasy almost like I literally just lathered myself in butter. However this sensation goes away in the morning so think of it as putting on body butter. I do like that factor though, as you know you're getting the utmost conditioning to your skin and admittedly the morning after, I feel like I've got baby skin :D After this, further moisturising is not needed since the bath itself gave my skin a lot of moisture already. I did feel a lot more refreshed, after taking the bath where a lot of the tension I had on my body were relieved of. 

Make sure to clean your bath with some soap afterwards as the oil does stick to the sides - water and oil don't mix. 

  • Don't need further moisturising 
  • Refreshing feeling
  • Subtle scent
  • Inexpensive
  • Greasy feeling gone by morning
  • Skin feels really greasy straight after use
  • Oil sticks to bath tub
  • No colour transformation
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