Sunday, 30 August 2015

SkinnyMint 14 Day Teatox Review

SkinnyMint: £17.90
*DISCLAIMER - I have bought this with my own money and am not sponsored by SkinnyMint in any way, therefore everything that is being stated here are of my own honest opinion. 

First of all, I apologise if this is going to be a long post because I want to include all the details that I possibly can to help those who might have the same problem.

I've had major problems with bloating and general discomfort in the abdominal area which prevented me from eating the amount that I should be eating. It was so bad that even drinking one cup of water would make me feel bloated, so I decided to purchase some detox teas which would help ease digestion and get rid of bloating. Exercise did help a little but the bloating quickly came back again.

With so many variations it's easy yet difficult to pick one. I went with SkinnyMint because I saw quite a few my friends on Facebook have liked the SM page, which I assume they've either tried it or knows someone who've tried it so it's legit. If it helps, Kylie Jenner has tried this as well and she likes it. Another reason was because, it was the cheapest authentic tea that I could find (under £20 & free shipping). Bare in mind that these teas all roughly cost the same amount so it's not really much to do with pricing, but how effective it actually is and maybe ingredients.

I went with the 14 day teatox because it would've been too expensive for me to purchase the 28 day one. Although the website said it takes 4-5 days to ship to the UK it actually took about 8 days, but I presume it was delayed due to customs since it was sent from Singapore. SM provides a tracking number to ensure you where your item is.

Drink every day
You get a daytime tea and nighttime tea - drink the daytime one every day and the night one, every other day starting from the first day. All ingredients included are natural. Each teabag is labelled so there is no way you'd get them mixed up even if you have emptied them out of the packaging. However the string attaching the label to the teabag is awfully short which means you'd have to hold onto it when you have to pour in the water - I find that extremely annoying. Instructions are provided on the back of each packet so references can always be made if you forget how long to brew the tea for.

Morning Boost (Daytime)
This helps to:

  • Reduce appetite
  • Ingredients - Green tea, yerba mate nettle leaves, dandelion, guarana fruit, grapefruit leaves, strawberries & pineapples. Check out their website to see what these ingredients individually does.
Firstly the morning tea had a nice fruity taste which I'm not used to but overall is a nice tasting tea - reminds of dried apricots. I didn't really see the effects of reducing my appetite because I already eat quite little anyway. However what I did find was how this tea kept me energised throughout the day, it kept me more awake and help brighten up my skin; can honestly replace your morning coffee :) It says to leave it in for 4-5mins, but I like to leave it in as I drink to get the most out of it. 

Night Cleanse (Night)
This helps to:
  • Reduce bloating
  • Ingredients - Ginger root, orange leaves, lemon grass, senna leaves, peppermint, licorice root, hawthorn berries & psyllium husk. 
This has mild laxative effects so be careful when you're brewing the tea especially if it's your first time going on a teatox. I didn't feel the "diarrhoea" effect, but I did find that I had to go to the toilet more regularly and this took effect literally the next morning. It helped so much with my bloating and in turn gave me a flatter stomach, yay! :D The taste of this tea wasn't as pleasant but still tolerable, I'm not quite sure what I can compare the taste to. At the start, I left the teabag in for 2-3mins as stated, but as time went on, I left it in whilst drinking as well. 

What I was amazed by was that this baby showed results literally the morning after. I could see that my belly had started to flatten since I had flushed out the toxins from the day before. For those looking to lose weight, you do lose a couple pounds without dieting but the results isn't long term so incorporating exercise whilst drinking this, would allow you to achieve the best results :) 

Even after this program had ended, the effects of this tea helped my body to regulate itself. Waking up to a belly that's not bloated is the best feeling ever and losing weight along with it is a bonus! It is recommended that you do not go on a teatox for too long as the laxative effects isn't good for long term. I know how desperate you can be to reduce the bloating/lose weight but don't wear out your body and try to reach your goal gradually.  

I'd definitely repurchase this item since it helped me a lot more and was the only method that worked out of everything I tried. I'm not saying that this is the first point of call for you but if none of the natural solutions work, then you could turn to this tea. I need to also stress that this is just how it worked for me, and might not necessarily work in the same way for you since everyones chemical makeup is different. If you want to see the results that people have achieved, you can check it out on SM's website and also on their instagram. 

Lastly, I love their hashtag #daretobegorgeous :) Everyone deserves to feel gorgeous and confident in their appearance, but it is usually society's standards that make an individual feel so insecure about how they look. With the help of this tea, hopefully it can help boost those self esteems a little bit ^^ I hope you found this helpful in choosing the right tea for you and I wish you success on your journey. Definitely check out instagram/google for other available teas too so you don't limit your options. 

You're all beautiful so make sure that if you do plan on losing weight or whatever the reason, you're doing it because YOU want to and not because of some stupid asshole :) 

  • Reduces bloating
  • Improves digestion
  • Good tasting morning tea
  • Laxative effect only mild
  • Weight loss
  • Fast results
  • Instructions provided at the back
  • String too short
  • I think this can only be purchased online?

Have you tried any kind of detox tea before?