Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Kpop Hair 2015 - My Top 5 Favourites

Korean idols are known for their crazy hair colours and vivid MVs, especially when summer approaches. I've been amazed by a few idols' hair colour recently because it's soo colourful with a bit more edge than the conventional full head or dip-dyes.

Lime's hair is my fav because I just love cool toned hair and I have been wanting blue hair recently, but I don't want to deal with the green when it fades so that's a no for me. Every member has a mix of different colours in their hair - see what I mean by crazy? :D I haven't really seen many bizarre hair colouring in the kpop industry besides EXO Sehun's famous rainbow hair, Hyoyeon and of course GD always has awesome hair! ^^ Idk, there's just something that I absolutely love about multicoloured hair, it's just the maintaining that will be a pain in the ass.


D.ana stood out the most to me when SONAMOO had their debut, her deeper voice makes her raps really nice to listen to. But recently, her hair is what caught my attention. She originally had purple hair and let it fade to an ashy purple ombré for this comeback which I love. Sometimes faded colour hair looks a lot nicer compared to freshly dyed, but I think her before and after looks just as great as each other :)

SNSD - TaeYeon

TaeYeon has gone a blonde salmon pink ombré and it suits her so much! Then again, if you're good looking you'd look good in anything anyway >.< I don't believe the whole thing about darker hair in colder months and brighter hair in summer. If you want to rock colourful hair in colder months then you go for it guuurrrrlll~ ;D

2NE1 - CL
I've been wanting to have silver/grey since last year but I'm too scared >.< CL is the first person I think of when silver hair is mentioned because she's had it for quite a while now and ngl, this fine lady rocks it <3

Hyuna slays so hard in this MV, she so sexy oh my <3 But I'm loving this unicorn hair that Hyuna is rocking in her most recent comeback. It's a mix of purple, blue and green - adjacent colours on the colour wheel. I'm a sucker for colourful hair and she pulls this off perfectly; I'm going all heart eyed emoji already >.< If you haven't checked out the MV yet, what are you waiting for??

Whose hair colour have you been eyeing on? ^__^