Thursday, 20 August 2015


Another tag post that lovely Lauren tagged me in where the rules are simple:
  • List 10 things you LOVE
  • List 10 things you HATE
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers
It's tough when it comes to things I 'hate' because I rarely actually hate anything, in fact it takes a lot for me to hate something unless its yucky food. 

10 Things I Love
1) Food

Majority of you will agree with me on this; food is life and I can't imagine my life without it. Like I'm so grumpy if I don't get my food on time and trust me, you'd be able to tell too. Bring on fat shit Kelly who complains about being fat but then eats everything in her sight and then go through the struggles of dieting. I'm too lazy to exercise ok??? T_T

2) Sleep

Sleep and food is what I look forward to the most in a day. I'm forever tired even if I've had a good amount of sleep but my bed and I just have a great relationship with each other so much that we can't separate ourselves sometimes haha :P

3) Hair Colouring

Ever since starting my hair colouring journey I've been obsessed with wanting to dye my hair every colour that exists - currently looking to go grey / lilac ;D My hair is my colour statement because it's the only place that I like to have colour, since my clothing choices are usually monochromatic or minimalistic colours. I wish there were more people in my city that have bright coloured hair, because Birmingham is dull which makes me wonder what attracts tourists to here O.o

4) Being Happy

I used to be so pessimistic about everything and the downfalls that befell me taught me a lot of precious lessons, and it wasn't until that I recovered fully from the darkest moments of my life that I began cherishing the happy days more. I can't stress how much it actually is to be happy and honest with yourself, keep smiling and do what makes you happy ^^

5) Friends

I don't have a lot friends, but those that are are really the ones that know me well. I appear to be shy and quiet or bitchy - subjective to the person. I'm shy and quiet around people that I've only just met but once I get to know you, I'm as weird as you unexpected me to be ^__^  Some think I'm too weird, some think it's a great personality trait because that defines Kelly. I've never tried to hide the fact that I'm weird because why pretend to be someone that you're not? I love my friends and can't appreciate them enough for being there for me when I feel upset or just need a rant. What I love most about them is that you don't need to talk everyday to know that you're friends. When we catch up after months it's still like old times and no awkwardness :) 

6) Making Others Happy

I'm not talking about being a kiss ass and sucking up to people in order to get people to like you, I'm talking about you being the reason for others' happiness. I don't know about you but when I happen to make someone happy/cheer them up from just being myself it makes me happy as well. I mean it doesn't even have to be big things, sometimes it's the little things that counts - cliché lol >.<

7) Science

I'm studying Psychology so no doubt I'd love science. Chemistry really catches my attention too. I'm not sure what about it that makes me like it so much, I just know that I enjoyed it a lot at A level and to be honest it would've been my degree choice if only I wasn't so indecisive. I promise you I'm not a nerd, just a curious human being ;)

8) Anime

I prefer anime over cartoons - yes there's a difference! It was anime that firstly gave me fantasies of having absolute perfect boyfriends or cute encounters, you know those cliché storylines >.< Depending on the genre, you'll either be surprised by major plot twists or amazing shoujo comedy moments. There's just so many varieties and their hair colours never fail to make me want to dye it the exact same~

9) Adventures
I like travelling or just going on little adventures with friends. It can be anywhere and we could be doing anything as long as it's not life threatening with a bit of thrill :D

10) Singing 

10 Things I Hate

1) Egotistic Individuals

Nothing is more annoying than those who think too highly of themselves and look down on others that cross their path.

2) Lack of Motivation 

There has been numerous amount of times where I'm on a roll doing some academic work and all of a sudden I hit a wall and nothing comes to me or I start to procrastinate. I remember when I used to study in school and carry on after school until like 1 or 2am in the morning (hardcore I know), but that motivation seems to have gone and I need to find it back. 

3) Judgemental Individuals

You have different opinions, morals and values to someone else, so why would you expect another person to agree with your own thoughts? Everybody is different and some people should learn to accept that.

4) Random Bursts of Sadness

Let me just stress the fact that I'm not depressed or anything, but sometimes I get random moments of sadness. It's not a pleasant feeling but I tend to criticise myself a lot, more so recently because of overthinking which is probably due to sleep deprivation.

5) Not Knowing What I Want to Do in Life

Up until about a few months ago I thought I had my career choice sorted. Everyone around me seems to know what they're striving for and I'm there being a potato. My career plans have changed drastically because of my indecisive nature, and right now I actually have no idea what I want to do in the future. It takes a lot for me to get interested in something new and as of yet, I can't pin down what exactly piques my interest so much that I'd want to continue doing that for the rest of my life T_T

6) Not Being Able to Eat A lot

I eat very little because I'm constantly bloated and feel like I can't eat more, which sucks because I love food :(

7) Terrible Customer Service

I want a good shopping experience and customer service is part of that, I don't want gloomy faces and unhelpful assistants in my face.

8) Overpriced Things

You go into a store and see something you like but it's overly priced for what it is and you come out empty handed. Like literally most of the time, you are paying for the brand name rather than the actual item itself. Take Topshop for an example, their basic tees are £12 but at Primark you get it for £3 max. I don't fancy buying a plain top for £12 tyvm -.-

9) People Who Stop Being Friends With You Because You're Mutual Friends With Someone They Dislike

Self explanatory -.-

10) Doubting Myself

I doubt my abilities to do things a lot, which I shouldn't because a lot of people have told me that it's within my capabilities. I can get quite pessimistic and start second guessing myself - something I'm working on changing :D

That was a lot harder than I thought it would be but it's you guys' turn now!