Saturday, 8 August 2015

Lancôme Gel Éclat Clarifying Cleanser Pearly Foam Review

Lancôme: £23
Had this since Christmas but I only had the chance to use it now, as I wanted to use up my other cleanser first. If you ask what my favourite high end skincare brand is, I'd tell you Lancoôme and there's a reason for that - every product that I've tried so far have given me immaculate results.

I honestly wouldn't have bought this if it weren't for the deal of buying two products and getting one for cheaper. A cleanser is a cleanser, as long as it cleans my face well I'm not bothered about what brand it is or how cheap it even costs. Before purchasing this, I've had so-so experiences with cleansers but the best being Bioré's Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. On their website it says it is suitable for normal/combination skin types, however on the packaging itself, all skin types is written.I believe that products with different skin types are colour coded; blue being normal/combination and pink for dry skin.

It comes in a white tube with a blue engraved Lancôme logo across it, and a metallic blue rim around the bottom of the lid - indicator for suitable skin type. It's a stiff bottle in that it takes a little more effort than your standard tube to squeeze out the product. I like that feature just because it enables you to control the amount you want/need to cover the whole face.

Lancôme claims to "hydrate the skin for a comfortable and non-drying cleansing experience". The product is of a thick consistency, and pearly white in colour. Upon contact with water it melts into a white gooey texture; almost like paint but a watered down version. I was surprised at how thick it was due to past experiences with cleansers, they'd either foam up or are of a gel texture. This makes it look like you're actually wearing a face mask >.< It's slight vanilla smell makes it all the more relaxing as you're massaging your face and removing all the dirt. What I noticed as well is that it heats up slightly when you're trying to lather it up. 

When I washed it off my skin felt absolutely squeaky clean, like you could rub your face and feel that friction! I'm surprised by how clean it made my skin feel and not to mention that it made my face a lot smoother, already prepping my face for the next step in my skincare routine :D It gave me a fresh feel on my face and brightened up my complexion too. If it weren't for the price I'd absolutely buy it again but I can't allow myself to do that :'( Once again Lancôme did not disappoint, if only their prices were more student friendly >.< 


  • Cleanses face thoroughly 
  • Hydrates skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gentle and non-drying

  • Expensive 
What do you use to cleanse your face? :)