Monday, 24 August 2015

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint Review | Eat My Dust

Boots: £3.99
In my last nail polish post, I mentioned that I bought a couple more pastel colours and this will be one of them. Pastels are my go to colour whenever I want to paint my nails and recently I have a lot of time to change up my nails.

Unlike the lilac, this actually dries off with a slight shiny finish even though the dry off time is roughly the same - about 2 - 3 minutes. A short yet wide flat brush helps to spread the pale blue colour evenly and makes sure that nails are coated neatly.
Direct Sunlight
I do notice a slight difference in colour between the bottle and when it's painted on - the blue is more obvious when applied. What I absolutely love about this polish is how the colour changes in different lighting, unfortunately I wasn't able to capture any photos of when it changed colours because I didn't expect it to.

It changes from the pastel blue above to a more vibrant blue to a sophisticated lavender, to even a light grey! I'm completely amazed by that (i'm easily amazed) which reminds me of the hype about the girl who can change her hair colour within seconds. >.<  To be honest I thought it would've been more to it but it was nothing more than just lighting change -.-

In direct sunlight the blue is slightly brighter and more of a sky blue, in comparison to dimmer lighting where it becomes a light grey. As for the lavendar I'm not too sure when it's the most obvious? It varies depending on the light colour that your nails are reflected upon. 

What I love most about pastel colours is the fact that you can wear this for any occasion and will go with almost any outfit. Another thing to add is how badass the name of this sounds, like "eat my dust" bitch hahaha ;P I'm easily amused if you guys haven't noticed already lol >.<

What nail polish colour do you most frequently wear? Let me know in the comments below :)