Sunday, 12 July 2015

TIARA Grey Circle Lenses Review

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These again are well overdue but they're finally going to be reviewed. I got the same pair of lenses in brown as well which I will review soon. There was some kind of mix up when I got these; initially these and the Ruby Queen Blue was supposed to be sent to me but somehow they got confused or something and I ended up with three lenses altogether, not that I'm complaining :D 

Shipping was standard, I got it within 2 weeks and like usual, KLENSPOP includes a lens case and tweezer in the package. Who doesn't love freebies? >< However this time I received a smaller and more fragile tweezer? I actually couldn't get to the lenses in the vial so I used the longer one they gave me instead. 

Lens Info

Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contact
Natural daylight
Ignore my hair lol. But there's nothing special to these - pretty standard design. The only thing I'd say about these is that the streak design doesn't go as inwards as my other lenses do. As you can see, the pupil part seems larger and more dilated which in my opinion makes me seem soulless lmao >.<" These also have a slight blue hue to it. I wouldn't recommend these to people with lighter eyes since the pupil part is lot wider, which would enhance your natural eye colour more. As usual it has the black ring to give off the illusion of larger eyes. Although it doesn't enlarge it much, so it's much more natural to wear on a daily basis if you wish. 

Room lighting
My eyes basically look black here lol >.< The fact that they look black makes it great for everyday wear when you just want your eyes to be slightly bigger but not too noticeable. 

Honestly, if there were no light shining on my eyes, they'd literally look the same as if I'm not wearing them so I probably won't wear these again. I want lighter grey lenses that actually make a difference to my eyes. These are really comfortable though, I can go hours without feeling like my eyes are dry. 

Overall, these are great lenses if you have dark eyes and want just that slight enhancement but not something that's noticeable. It's super comfortable so you don't have to worry about your eyes drying if you forgot to bring your eye drops on a day out :) I'd probably wear my GEO ones since I prefer the design. 

  • Non-drying for long hours
  • Natural looking
  • Safe design
  • Might look weird on lighter eyes
  • Small enlargement
  • Looks indifferent to natural eye colour (dark eyes)