Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Fire Noodle Challenge!

Buldak Bokkeum Myeon
WARNING: I swear a lot in this, so just a heads up :)

This has been everywhere on the internet and I decided to do it. I didn't want to do it alone so I asked my boyfriend to do it with me. My cousin wants to do this with me as well so I guess round 2 for me >.< In all fairness this was actually quite tasty, but being a first timer in eating these noodles, the spiciness hit me like a bitch! I didn't expect it to be this spicy because I'm used to instant noodles claiming to be "hot" but it actually wasn't. Usually, I can take my spice really well; a Nandos extra hot chicken plus the extra hot sauce isn't even spicy enough for me at all.

This was purchased at a Chinese supermarket whilst we were in Manchester, but I'm sure you're able to find this somewhere in Chinatown wherever you live, or there's always the internet which I know you can buy in a pack of 5 on Amazon for £6.99.

It caused my face to swell up and turn red - similar to when I have alcohol. I blame my genes to be fair >.<" Milk does help a lot better than just water, so just go for the milk first. These noodles are quite filling on its own due to Korean instant noodles to be bigger in size, so you wouldn't want to drink water + milk like we did. I think I died more from the fullness than the spiciness lol :P I might buy more of these to eat and get used to the spice because they're so tasty ^__^

Time to show the aftermath of this~

The after effect of this varies for different people, some get weird feelings in the belly (I did) or needing to go to the toilet more often lol. My boyfriend however started to throw up which I don't think is supposed to happen? It was probably the milk mixed in with everything else but it looked disgusting.

Thanks for watching guys~