Tuesday, 21 July 2015

TIARA Brown Circle Lenses Review

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This is going to be a quick post because the main bits of what I want to say about these lenses have already been reviewed. It's the same ones but in grey, so for eye info and my thoughts on it, check it out here. These ones have a pretty standard design with streaks, and the only thing worth mentioning is that the pupil part of the lenses are wider. I'd recommend you guys to read the review on the grey ones since what I have to say about these are basically the same and I don't want to repeat myself again. Although there are some things that are different with these which I must mention.

Natural Daylight
The brown doesn't really show that much on my eyes as well as my bunny brown ones. But nevertheless it's still a nice shade of brown. I suppose this lens series from NEO Vision are made for natural looks because you can tell that these are more subtle in colour and doesn't have significant enlargement to the eyes. 

My views on this for colour and design are basically the same as the grey ones - great for natural looks but might not be so good for lighter eyes due to wider inner circle which enhance the natural eye colour. One thing that did differ was that for some reason my left eye was very uncomfortable within an hour of putting them in, like my eyes were blood shot red. I took them out thinking maybe I put them in the wrong way, however I had actually put it in the right way so why my eye was hurting, I've no idea. 

I apologise for the lack of photos since my eyes were dying and there was no way I could've had them in for longer. I most definitely won't wear these again, simply because they make my eyes uncomfortable and it doesn't make much difference to them anyway; both colour and enlargement lol >.<

Besides the left eye, I think it's quite comfortable and under flash lighting I can imagine the design and colour to really shine through - great for pictures ;D 

Have you had problems with one eye hurting and the other being fine? What are your experiences with brown lenses?