Sunday, 5 July 2015

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review

LUSH: £5.50
My lips have started to get really dry again to the point where it's peeling as well as getting red and sore. Therefore I resorted to Lush's lip scrubs as I've been told that they're pretty good. Prior to that, I had already known that Lush uses natural ingredients, freshly make and don't test their products on animals. I've also used their BB Seaweed mask in the past as well which gave my skin a nice glow.

Yes, this thing is edible and I'm telling you that this tastes lovely! Rather than candy floss, it tastes more like strawberry flavoured sweets. I'm not quite sure why this is called bubblegum when it doesn't taste like it? Maybe the colour of it resembles bubblegum? 

This is best used when your lips are slightly moist so you might want to dab some water onto your lips before applying (NEVER LICK YOUR LIPS). I find this removes dead skin really well leaving my lips really soft, however due to caster sugar being used as an ingredient, my finger and lips feel sticky but nothing too inconvenient. 

There is a lot of product in one pot so great value for your purse! The warmth from your finger melts the grains so you don't need to worry about having to wash it off your lips, although you probably have to for the corner of your lips. The moisturising effect is unfortunately temporary, so for more moisture putting on lip balm will keep the lips from drying out too quickly. To me, the scrub acts as a lip primer since my lipstick stay on longer and I won't have to reapply the lip balm as often as I used to.

I neglect my lips a lot and the rest of my body to be honest because I don't moisturise unless I feel like it or if it's absolutely necessary. That's so bad of me - I seriously need to take better care of my skin besides my face sighhhh >.<

Do you use lip scrubs? What are your tips for treating dry lips?