Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint Review | #511 Lap of Honour

Boots: £3.99
Almost all of my nail polishes are from Barry M, reason being their colour range is so diverse; vibrants, pastels, neutrals, different drying times etc. This is a new shade from their quick dry line, I also bought a few more from the same line in pale grey and blue. I'm really lazy when it comes to painting my nails so when I do paint my nails, I want it to dry quick, hence why I picked this up.

I absolutely adore this colour, I love pastel colours especially on hair and nails. It's a lilac colour which is great for spring/summer. This also matches my current hair colour and makes me feel even more like a unicorn! It's not as shiny as their Gelly Hi Shine line but i'm not that bothered about that factor.

It has a wide flat brush which is different to their normal brush, resulting in an even finish. I think these nail polishes have very edgy names; Lap of Honour, Eat My Dust, Pit Stop etc.

Direct Sunlight

This as it claims, dries really fast but I find that this produces more air bubbles in the nails than my other nail polishes, but that could be my fault and not the polish itself. I really love this colour, it gives off a sophisticated vibe that's suitable for any occasion :) I'll probably wear this for the majority of summer or the greys that I've recently bought. I'm usually a pastel colour, red or black kind of girl when it comes to nails but I don't spend a lot on them, nor do I have many but I'm building my empire :D There's not much I want to say about this besides the colour being really nice and fast drying results - perfect for a girl who's lazy or in a rush.
What's your favourite colour to wear for spring/summer? 

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