Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Innisfree Eco Safety No Sebum Sunblock SPF 35 PA++ Review

Ebay: £8.67
Sunscreen is really important for your skin to protect it from the harmful sun rays. There's a misconception on when to apply sunscreen; it is to be applied throughout the year and not only when summer approaches. We apparently start ageing at quite a young age so I've been really self-conscious about my skin ever since a few years ago. I used to use sunscreen everyday but then I ran out and didn't bother to stock up again (so bad of me) >.<

Now that my teen years are slowly terminating, I decided to up my game and be even more cautious of my skin condition. To do that, I've decided to gradually replace products in my current routine with Korean products because they work wonders from past experiences. The easiest to do was to get a sunscreen since I didn't have any. Innisfree is known for their natural ingredients so I wanted to get one from there. After doing my research I opted for the no sebum type. I don't have oily skin but my skin tends to get slightly oilier during summer months, therefore I went for a matte finish. 

First thing I noticed about this was its liquidy formula. This makes application easier and not leave your face feeling heavy. Only little product is required to cover the whole face, so it saves you a lot of money and will last you a good few months providing that you use it daily. It is white with pink undertones and will leave you a slight white cast, which is fine for me since I have pale skin anyway. However I can't imagine people with darker skin to have major problems anyway since you could always go over your face with foundation or BB cream of your normal shade :) The packaging is a standard tube where you're able to control how much product comes out of it as well as keeping it hygienic. 

This has a floral scent which reminds me of SKIN79's Hot Pink BB cream or Missha's Signature BB cream as they have similar smells. I find that this does leave me with a matte and silky finish which I absolutely love! It preps your skin well for makeup and keep you shine free for at least 4/5 hours. I'd prefer it more if it had higher SPF but I usually wear BB cream on top with more SPF so not too big a deal.

I'm in love with this sunscreen; it protects me from harmful UV, suppresses the oils on my face, and leaving a matte and silky finish! It's the best I've tried so far where others are too greasy and too rich on my face. Innisfree promises a 5-free system meaning it doesn't contain parabens, animal-originated ingredients, mineral oil, synthetic colorants, and imidazolidinyl urea - perfect for sensitive skin. 

  • Inexpensive
  • Matte finish
  • 5-free system
  • Long lasting
  • Hygienic packaging
  • SPF could be higher 
What's your favourite sunscreen?