Sunday, 26 July 2015

OOTD #4 - Floral Sundays

Not giving anyone evils, the sun was just in my eyes lol
Another outfit post because I'm out a lot this week surprisingly. Today is a normal family gathering; usually consisting of eating at a Chinese restaurant and then go off shopping. I took this opportunity to go for a little photoshoot with the help of my cousin Jenny ^^ This outfit is a more girly approach where I opted for a floral print; I mean nothing can be more girly than floral right? ;P

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Still sticking to black, I matched my floral cut out dress with a classic leather jacket and my beloved fedora hat. The dress was purchased a few years back when I went on an impulse buy since I wanted something floral in my closet. I was a bit iffy about the dress at first due to the random cut outs which I was not used to, but I've grown to love it because it's a cute dress that enhances my figure a lot more. Going for a chic look I paired it with my block heeled boots which I absolutely adore and have been wearing pretty much every time I go out <3 These are about 4 inches so not very high but makes me a lot taller, not to mention the comfort is A1! 

My backpack and I seem to be inseparable recently ever since I bought it. It's spacious so good for school or just an everyday accessory to give your outfit a bit of oomph. I also love the pattern on the pockets making it seem like it's worth more than it actually is. The only downside is that although it's spacious, I wouldn't recommend having the straps set to the lowest when you've got quite a bit of stuff - drags your whole shoulder down, making it uncomfortable and strain the muscles. 

Makeup wise I kept it minimal with just a pop of colour on the lips to match the summery vibes of the dress. As you can tell the dress is the focal point so everything else is dressed down. Whilst the dress isn't all that revealing, it can be quite short depending on your physique. I'm more bigger vertically than I am horizontally so although the dress fits me perfectly, it's a little bit short for my liking. If this is the case with you then wear under shorts ^^

A dress like this can be dressed up or down in my opinion.This outfit could be worn in the colder months as well by adding a pair of tights and swapping the leather jacket for a warmer coat. It could also be worn for a date by going for a cardi/kimono and some heels or flats. 

Thanks for reading and have a good day :)