Thursday, 18 June 2015

Purple and Blue Ombré | Crazy Colour - #No.62 Hot Purple Review

My birthday is in two days so I wanted to do something to my hair, although by the time my birthday comes it probably would fade even more :( It's not surprising though that I've yet again dyed my hair because it's normal for me to change up my hair like every few months. Right, first of all I didn't get my hair like this in one go if anyone was wondering, it took me twice before I got something that I'm happy with. I actually feel like a unicorn :D

Before Hair
I bleached the bottom half of my hair to get it ginger/blonde using Jerome Russell's Blonde High Lift Powder Bleach. A review on the bleach I used will be on the way ^^

So it became a red to blonde ombré which personally I quite liked and should've kept to be honest, since my friends have told me that they liked it, but I was so determined to make it purple that this hair only lasted a week haha >.<

After hair - 1st attempt
Crazy Colour is a semi permanent dye so it will wash out really easily especially on bleached hair. It's  a standard semi permanent dye like Manic Panic - no need to mix and just put it on your hair, although unlike MP where you can leave it on for as long as you want, this dye only advises you to leave it for 15-30 minutes. I like dyes like these because they're so convenient and not as time consuming. The colour on its own is actually a very dark violet, despite how much lighter it looks from the bottle it came from, strangely. Because I didn't want my hair to turn out basically looking like black, I diluted it with some white conditioner and turned it into a much lighter purple. 

Unfortunately, not all of my hair took in the purple, so it left some parts pink, grey and blue - pink and blue I'd understand but grey? Where the hell did that come from? O.o Grey coloured hair would be cool though :D 

So like wtf is this??? 
Majority of my hair went brown instead like wtf??? -.-

After hair - 2nd attempt
This time I didn't dilute it as much and fixed the bits that didn't turn purple. On the same day, I also dyed the top half of my hair a darker purple because I'm planning to go darker soon anyway. I didn't dilute the dye for the top half of my hair. 

Indoor Lighting
Dim Lighting
It faded into lighter blues and even green mixed with pinks; not a disgusting green but more of a mermaid green. It faded a lot quicker than I had expected it to, but I guess it's the same whenever I use these kinds of dyes - my hair just doesn't keep it in well, sigh... Good thing is is that I did say I wanted to have midnight blue hair before I went this colour so I guess my wish came true in a way with peekaboo blues ^__^

Okay, so moral of the story for me is to not dilute the dye too much or not every part of my hair will turn into the colour I want it to. Although I'm not sure whether it's me diluting it too much or is my hair type just not good at holding these kind of dyes. I've read reviews before that other people also had this problem with MP and I consider this a similar alternative to that. 

Overall, I used only one bottle of this since I diluted the dye which gave me loads to use. It's less expensive than MP but more so than Directions, but in all fairness it depends on your hair length to determine whether the dye is pricey for you. It was easy to use, don't need instructions at all besides the timing. However this stains like a bitch, I mean my nails are still purple/blue from washing my hair with no gloves on and that was like a week ago, so wear gloves! Gloves aren't provided so you'd have to buy your own. 

  • Easy to use 
  • Inexpensive - depends on hair length
  • Semi permanent
  • Doesn't require you to mix anything
  • Fades quick
  • Stains easily
  • Gloves aren't provided
Thanks for reading this extremely long post >.<

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