Sunday, 21 June 2015

Jerome Russell Blonde High Lift Powder Bleach Review

Hair before featuring my beautiful cousin ^_^
Please refer to here if you want to know how I got this hair colour :)

I used this with the 30 volume cream peroxide from the same brand. I've seen it so many times in Superdrug but didn't try it until I came across a video that one of my favourite beauty YouTuber, Neesey did ages ago when she bleached her hair.

Hair After
Superb product! It doesn't further damage my hair and I really liked the colour of the bleach - it was blue! Sorry for being a noob but all the bleach that I've used in the past are cream in colour so when it was blue, I was so happy like a little kid seeing Santa at Santa's Grotto :D

I was quite surprised at how much this lifted my hair, it said 6-7 shades but I didn't expect it to actually do that. I left bleach on some parts of my hair for longer than others which is why some bits are more blonde. Those who read my blog or have seen my bleaching posts will know that I prefer to have dimension in my hair instead of plain flat colour.

The bleach and powder comes separate to each other where the powder bleach comes in 4 sachets in one box which is great value for your money, but due to the 1:1 ratio of bleach and developer, you'd have to buy that separately which can add up. So if you're someone who bleaches their hair quite often, I'd recommend to buy a big tub of bleach and a bottle of developer because that will last you a lot longer and save you money.

I couldn't really smell the bleach fortunately because that's nasty, but I think it's because I had a blocked nose that day. An instruction leaflet came with it as per usual but I didn't bother to look at it since I'm so used to bleach now. I left the bleach on for a maximum of 30 minutes which was just the right lightness that I wanted my hair to be.

Overall I think it's a good bleaching product and I most likely will repurchase it again, but I'd probably buy the developer on its own for it being nicer to my purse >.< It lightens your hair by 6-7 shades, but it doesn't come with an after treatment but you could always condition your hair afterwards with normal conditioner. Although you should have some kind of hair mask at home anyway since all that dyeing and bleaching is going to kill your hair.

  • Lifts hair up to 6-7 shades
  • Doesn't further damage hair
  • Good value for money 
  • Powder and developer comes separately 
  • Money can add up due to separate buying