Tuesday, 23 June 2015

OOTD #2 - Aesthetic

Excuse my resting bitch face lol. I'm not going to apologise for wearing too much black because there's never too much black. When I don't know what to wear, I always pair a simple top with black jeans, I mean with England's weather you're not going to get much sun so best to play it safe with jeans. This is also the first time I had my new hair out in public which people complimented on, so experiment was a success :D
My outfit is a standard outfit; boxy grid print top paired with skinny ankle jeans and slip on shoes. Totally comfortable for a long day, yet keeping you cool during a humid day like that day. You'd still feel hot obviously in places where there are loads of light since you know black absorbs light. I usually prefer to have some kind of print or pattern on my shirts since I feel full black doesn't allow me to do much with it. That isn't to say that I don't like wearing full black cause I do. Slip ons are so easy to put on, really comfortable and go great with skinnies. I even wore this whole outfit with my leather jacket in case the summer chills hit. 

A last minute plan came up to watch a movie and eat which I'm up for once I don't have anything to do for my summer anyway. It took us ages to decide where to eat since we were indecisive but we settled with Coast to Coast in the end. I've always wanted to go there because their food is apparently really good, and I kid you not it's like being in heaven! So if anyone is in Birmingham, UK and haven't been yet or planning to come to Birmingham, I highly recommend you to come here. However, for food it is slightly pricey especially for students so make sure you order something that's worth it :) 

Cajun Chicken Sandwich
This is the best sandwich I've had yet! A really expensive sandwich but it's well worth your money since I got full by the time I got to half of it and my fries made me even fuller. The sauce just added a bit more to it as well since fries on its own would be dry, I don't even know what the sauce is haha :P

What I'm wearing
Top: Forever21

Which restaurants do you recommend to go to for nice food?

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