Monday, 20 April 2015

Introducing Harajuku Fashion~

Hi guys, so this is a post that deviates from what I normally post about but don't worry, it is somewhat related. As you can see, on my sidebar there are banners to Harajuku fashion which is a store I recently found after searching for leg garters. Let me just say that this store is absolutely adorable! I mean look at that fluffy bunny backpack, isn't it kawaii? >.<

The owner of this also owns another store called "Fashion Store" which also sells similar clothing and shoes. However although both are small businesses, Harajuku Fashion has more items in my opinion as well as more sales being made. It's called Harajuku due to all the "Lolita" looking items I assume, but there are also other things that you can purchase for those who are looking for something else.

They are based in Shanghai where they claim to ship your stuff to you within 2-4 weeks, in addition to that you also get a tracking code with it - how convenient! They also promise to reply to enquiries within 12 hours (I can confirm that). Unfortunately, the person who contacts you doesn't speak extremely good English but they're still understandable and really nice, so don't hesitate to ask them to explain what they're trying to say :)

One downside I need to say about this though is shipping... Shipping rates vary depending on item and where it's being sent to but don't worry, use my code and you can get 10% off any purchase - better to have a discount than none right? ;P

If you like any of the things that I put in my collage, check out my Tumblr post for the links:

In case anyone has forgotten my code (don't know how you could but yeah) it's: kelkelxo - type it into the coupon code box at checkout and you'll get 10% off ^^ The code works for both of these stores. Click the picture down below to go to Fashion Store to see what they've got.

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