Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hair Update - April 2015

No makeup
Sorry I look ugly, no makeup + bloating is never a good match but meh :P 

I am back with another hair update since the last one I made a month ago. My hair since then has faded loads more; I wanted it to be the lightest it could, so that I could dye my hair the same colour again for summer and the fact that I was just curious as to what my hair colour would be at it's lightest - it can still fade more. 

Sunlight - the ends
Here are the ends of my hair; evidently on camera it looks like a light brown or even ginger, but in real life it's actually lighter and looks like a dark rose gold colour. Due to many bleaching sessions over time, my hair is really damaged and without properly looking after my hair it hasn't helped my hair to restore itself either - lazy me >.< 

But regular use of Vo5's conditioner has helped my hair to become a lot more smoother. My hair near the bottom have faded the most and was the first bit to start fading as a result of washing and using heat on my hair. Surprisingly enough, people seem to like this colour of mine since i've received a lot of compliments for this, which I didn't even do on purpose. So if you want to see how I ended up with this, check out what I used to get this colour in the first place here!

Of course just like anyone, the ends of your hair is always the driest so even though mine has been bleached, having the ends being the most dry is still very normal. The ends of my hair are actually breaking off and even gets tangled when I'm trying to brush my hair so that's saying something. It feels like straw literally, so I'm going to need a haircut soon to grow out the damage - I've said that ages ago but have yet to do that >.< 

Top to mid part of hair

As you can see, the red/purple hardly faded and mainly remained at the top of my head. I generally quite like the gradual fade into a lighter colour - it doesn't seem unnatural which a lot of people's ombré hair looks like. 

One thing to take away from this is if you need to bleach your hair more than once, between each sitting make sure you give your hair enough rest until it's ready to process again to lessen the damage. After bleaching it, make sure you give your hair some rest by using hair masks more often than you usually do e.g. if you used to nourish your hair once a week, do it three times a week now that you've bleached it. Also, try not to use any heat on your hair for at least two weeks and give your hair regular trims as well. 

Photo Booth on Macbook
Photo Booth on Macbook
My roots have grown out a bit since I dyed my hair back in February. I don't think I will be bleaching my roots nor bleach my hair again for that matter for a veryyyy long time. Simply because I can't be arsed and because I want to grow my hair out and have it all nice and healthy again, which constant bleaching won't give. However I do still plan on dying my hair the same colour once more for summer and then bye bye colourful hair and back to dark hair, so it won't look ugly when I'm trying to grow it out lol >.<

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a good day ^^