Thursday, 16 April 2015

How To Maintain Red Hair

Red can be such a great colour to have and is most likely one of the colours everyone would change their hair colour to at least once, as it's such a versatile colour and fits almost anyone. However as well as the good points it fades like a bitch and is one of the colours that's very difficult to maintain. Please note that if you've got bleached hair and then dyed it red then the dye is going to fade more quickly compared to hair that haven't been bleached, not to mention that on bleached hair the outcome of the colour would be brighter.

So how exactly do I maintain it? Well:
  • First of all what I do is wash my hair less frequently. Yup, sounds disgusting to those who wash their hair every day but trust me, washing your hair every day is actually bad due to your natural oils being stripped out. I usually wash my hair every other day, but when I had my vibrant red hair I made it so that I washed my hair twice a week and if it became greasy at any point, dry shampoo is always at hand. 
  • Secondly, when I do wash my hair I make sure the water is as cold as I can possibly take it as the colour pigments don't dissociate as quickly when cold water is involved.
  • When washing my hair I use shampoo/conditioner that is made for red hair or for coloured hair in general - I used Garnier's Ultimate Blend. 
  • Try not to use styling tools or the hairdryer as much. The warmer your surroundings are for your hair, the more it will fade as heat will quicken the reaction of the colour dissociation, therefore applying heat to your hair isn't a good idea. I personally don't blow dry my hair, but sometimes I do if I'm pushed for time. So either you towel dry hair, air dry it or blow dry it with cold/cool air instead.
Well the secret is out! Tbh it's not much of a secret, it's common sense really but it should help first-timers going red so hope I helped :)